Mean person looking with confused eyes

A Mean and Straight Forward Person

Well mean is something that carries harsh words and straight forward is what carried a fact, the only difference is that mean can hurt a lot and can not be forgotten while the truth can be spoken in a respectful manner straight forward.

I can’t speak for other people, but there is a huge difference, I think, between being easy and being mean.

I know a few straightforward people, and I enjoy their company, actually. Since they say what’s on their mind, and between the lines, you don’t need to guess their purpose. Communication makes it simple. They make it really clear that they’re not happy or they’re not happy about something and they tell you why. They even express their happiness very frankly when they’re excited about something. They express their gratitude with their entire heart when you help them out. They point it out when you make a mistake and ask you to make a improvement.

In the other hand, a mean person is bitter and manipulative. To belittle and injure other people, they hide behind “honesty” or “being straightforward.” They exploit the feelings of other people to get what they want. They blame other people for their mood when they’re not happy; when other people help them out, they always take the credit and never say thank you unless they really had to; they make a mistake, they laugh at you; they tell you that you did something good, they tell you that you’re never going to compare with them. They’re too greedy that they’re never going to consider the chance that someone could be better than them. They just hurt people intentionally: by their words and by their behaviour. If they’re telling the truth, it ought to be about bringing people down. They’re just talking to submissive individuals to tell them how much control they have. For their own gain, they just alter their claims.

But they’ll play the victim when you rat them out, asking you to embrace their “honesty.”
I do not hate straightforward people, I do not like manipulative and cruel people with “honesty” hiding their spite. Typically I stay quiet when a person exhibits a mean behaviour in front of me. I don’t want to demonstrate animal behaviour as an person,


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