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Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

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The 4 hour work week by Tom Feriss
How to manage your time efficiently?

The 4-Hour Work Week, Summary

This book is about having a lifestyle of complete freedom without having a million dollars. Real wealth comes from time and mobility, as well as money,

Magic of thinking Big by D J Schwartz
A great book on all round personality development

My Most Favourite Book The Magic of Thinking Big

Think, “I can do better.” The best is not unattainable. There is room for doing everything better. When you think, “I can do better,” ways to do better will appear.

The half book cover of 7 habits of highly effective people
Self help book on personality development

Summary 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The three habits are self-mastery habits or personal victories.The last habit is one that is vital to the first six’s proper functioning and regeneration



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