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The process by which the ordered patterns of conduct that make up each person’s individual personality evolve over time is referred to as personality development. Personality is influenced by a variety of elements, including genetics, environment, parenting, and societal issues. The continual interaction of all of these influences, maybe most critically, is what continues to develop personality throughout time.

On men busy in reading an official paper
Don’t allow your brain to be idle. Start immediately

Adopt a Different Personality to be Successful

An emotion is a physiological and mental feeling state that directs our attention and governs our behavior. Have a strong emotional reason to change.

A young woman meditating
My brain has been literally rewired for pleasure, harmony and achievement since beginning my meditation habit.

Why Successful People do Meditation Everyday – 14 Reasons

Studies have found that by optimising the functioning of the decision-making centres of your brain, mindful meditation help you make better decisions.

Highly motivated jumper
What are the causes of demotivation?

Remedies to Lack of Motivation

Identify why you feel demotivated and discuss with my above solutions the root cause of your lack of motivation, and you will soon find yourself motivated

Conducting a disciplined meeting, with laptops and iPads
Discipline creates habits and habits creats our identity

Be Disciplined to be Prosperous

In following the right discipline, however there are many gaps and therefore we suffer illness, deterioration in profession, faith, organisation and governance.

Book cover showing a dialogue on positive thought with spectacles
Positive thoughts has enormous power if harnessed properly in your brain

Grow with the Positive Attitude

When you begin to think optimistically, your mind will become clear and you will see the world in a different light. You’re not going to blame yourself or anyone.

Man concentrating on a target
Don’t lose focus over your goal due to distractions of life

Long Term Concentration is the Key Factor to Succeed

Nervousness and an urge to excel and to make us lose track of our thoughts are still clouding our minds. We struggle with concentration in three distinct ways.



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