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Category : SUCCESS

Lady sitting and having coffee comfortably
Leaving comfort zone doesn’t mean you should become reckless. There is a big difference between blindly leaping into the unknown, and taking a calculated risk.

How to Leave your Comfort Zone to be Successful

The uncomfortable levels of uncertainty comes from leaving your comfort zone. Uncertainty will make us respond to negative experiences more strongly.

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Planning unit using laptop and notebook
You can always decide on an outcome that you like, no matter what happens in your external world.

How to Make Plan to Achieve Target

The good news is you can make a strategy in any situation by embracing this muscle of versatility. This involves times, like now when you feel you have no leverage

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Clarity of purpose
Until and unless we are clear about our intention, we can’t achieve success.

Definite Vision / Clarity / Major Purpose

Set a date on which you want to acquire or accomplish the thing you want. Being practical is critical. The purpose to be realistic, the time span should be long.

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Goal circle
Prioritise your goals to achieve most important objective in your life

Smart Goal Setting Priorities

This is an vital move missed by many individuals. Enjoy! Whenever you reach a goal, smile in the mirror at yourself, recognise yourself for the progress you’ve achieved.

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On men busy in reading an official paper
Don’t allow your brain to be idle. Start immediately

Adopt a Different Personality to be Successful

An emotion is a physiological and mental feeling state that directs our attention and governs our behavior. Have a strong emotional reason to change.

A young woman meditating
My brain has been literally rewired for pleasure, harmony and achievement since beginning my meditation habit.

Why Successful People do Meditation Everyday – 14 Reasons

Studies have found that by optimising the functioning of the decision-making centres of your brain, mindful meditation help you make better decisions.

Highly motivated jumper
What are the causes of demotivation?

Remedies to Lack of Motivation

Identify why you feel demotivated and discuss with my above solutions the root cause of your lack of motivation, and you will soon find yourself motivated



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Category : MINDSETS

A disciplined black man sitting in a car
Without self-discipline, a man is just like an animal. His life and behaviour are becoming aimless. In today’s era, there is a great evil in self-discipline.

Be the best version of yourself by self-discipline

To get better at self-discipline, one of the most important things you can do is to take small acts. Tackling huge, projects generates lack of interest.

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A person holding his spectacles in problematic condition
The issue of Struggling can be solved by recognising the problem and putting honest effort to solve it

Approaches to Stop Struggling in Life

It is the few who have chosen not to be dissuaded, and continued their success journey, that typically make things happen. Don’t let difficulties hold you down.

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Man performing self talk
A Constructive self talk to gain confidence.

How to Build Confidence and Self Belief?

When you focus on being the best version of yourself, cultivate constructive self-talk each day and be your own cheerleader. Everyone has to start somewhere

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Mind maps
Don’t forget that our mind controls everything.

How to be The Master of Your Own Mind?

Your mind can become your best friend, your greatest supporter, and someone you can count on and allow yourself to be there. You should get your thoughts under control.

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Toxic relationship
It is better to quit a relationship that is toxic.

How to Quit a Toxic Relationship?

Oxytocin (The culprit) is a hormone produced during periods of intimacy in your body. This may involve making love with others, holding hands, hugging, or cuddling.

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The 4 hour work week by Tom Feriss
How to manage your time efficiently?

The 4-Hour Work Week, Summary

This book is about having a lifestyle of complete freedom without having a million dollars. Real wealth comes from time and mobility, as well as money,

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Magic of thinking Big by D J Schwartz
A great book on all round personality development

My Most Favourite Book The Magic of Thinking Big

Think, “I can do better.” The best is not unattainable. There is room for doing everything better. When you think, “I can do better,” ways to do better will appear.

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The half book cover of 7 habits of highly effective people
Self help book on personality development

Summary 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The three habits are self-mastery habits or personal victories.The last habit is one that is vital to the first six’s proper functioning and regeneration

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Man open his arms with eyes closed
First create it in your mind, then make it real

Visualisation – Awesome Power

Visualization stimulates the subconscious mind’s imaginative forces, encouraging it to work harder at developing solutions. You will achieve what you want.

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Dreaming lady with pen and paper
Unless you dream, how can you make it real?

Use the Power of Dream

Persistence is part of what distinguishes the wealthy from the pure positive dreamers. Distinguish me even in the hardest of situations by remaining inspired.

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Category : BUSINESS

A person showing how to trade
Long term trend is more powerful than medium term trend and medium term trend it is more powerful than short term trend.

How to Trade with No Confusion?

According to Pareto principle, 2 indicators out of 10 will give right signal. So it is better to exclude those eight indicators that produces frequent wrong signals

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MonthlyClosing price chart of Nifty with 50 month moving average
Look at the 18 years of long bullish run of Nifty 50. It will touch 1 lakh in next 10 years.

Latest Investment Strategy of 2021

The only one way to invest in share market is by making long term investment in 10 best stocks of the market. But what are the best stocks of the market

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Typing to start investment
How to start making wise investments?

Start Investing with Optimum Returns

Any type of investment is risky. The only thing we can do is mitigate, not remove, the risk. Some degree of risk needs to be tolerated by any investor.

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Category : NEWS

A board in which it is written vote choice
Democracy by the people for the people of the people

Why Donald Trump Lost the Battle?

It was obvious at the sunset of his first full day that Trump would want to change his presidency more than the presidency would change him.

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Violation of Democratic Norms

It’s been days since the call for Democrat Joe Biden was made for the White House election, but Donald Trump has yet to acknowledge or display any signs of accepting his loss.

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Happy girl looking at mirror
How to be happy alone?

Don’t Worry be Happy Alone – 19 Steps

Being alone does not have to mean you’re sad before going into the ins and outs of being happy alone, you don’t always have to go hand in hand with all of them.

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Exchanging wedding ring
Try to become modern and leave all the orthodox ideals that will divide both your thought and children from your thinking.

Convincing Your Children to Marry

Parents should listen to everyone and everything about them. At that moment, they allow love for marriage. They will forcibly embrace her / his love as well.

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