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Long term trend is more powerful than medium term trend and medium term trend it is more powerful than short term trend.

How to Trade with No Confusion?

According to Pareto principle, 2 indicators out of 10 will give right signal. So it is better to exclude those eight indicators that produces frequent wrong signals

Look at the 18 years of long bullish run of Nifty 50. It will touch 1 lakh in next 10 years.

Latest Investment Strategy of 2021

The only one way to invest in share market is by making long term investment in 10 best stocks of the market. But what are the best stocks of the market

How to start making wise investments?

Start Investing with Optimum Returns

Any type of investment is risky. The only thing we can do is mitigate, not remove, the risk. Some degree of risk needs to be tolerated by any investor.



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