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Archive Category : SUCCESS

There is no single correct route to be successful. What works for you does not work for anyone else. There may not be a perfect combination of ingredients that can guarantee success, but you can take some commonly accepted and simple steps that can increase your chances of succeeding in life, love, work, or anything that is important to you.

Leaving comfort zone doesn’t mean you should become reckless. There is a big difference between blindly leaping into the unknown, and taking a calculated risk.

How to Leave your Comfort Zone to be Successful

The uncomfortable levels of uncertainty comes from leaving your comfort zone. Uncertainty will make us respond to negative experiences more strongly.

You can always decide on an outcome that you like, no matter what happens in your external world.

How to Make Plan to Achieve Target

The good news is you can make a strategy in any situation by embracing this muscle of versatility. This involves times, like now when you feel you have no leverage

Until and unless we are clear about our intention, we can’t achieve success.

Definite Vision / Clarity / Major Purpose

Set a date on which you want to acquire or accomplish the thing you want. Being practical is critical. The purpose to be realistic, the time span should be long.

Prioritise your goals to achieve most important objective in your life

Smart Goal Setting Priorities

This is an vital move missed by many individuals. Enjoy! Whenever you reach a goal, smile in the mirror at yourself, recognise yourself for the progress you’ve achieved.

This is a circle of continuous growth process

Developing Continuous Growth Process

It is the standard of re-planning, re-motivation and re-action that will result in growth and self-development. You will find and rectify your errors.

Setting a goal too high is not an ambitious thing but setting a goal along with maintaining it’s growth process is really appreciable.

Level of Goal Setting and Control of Growth Processes

A multitude of problems are involved in setting targets. I mean, let’s say it’s too low or too high. Setting targets can have a detrimental impact on results

Continuous growing made him rich and prosperous

How to be Rich and Prosperous?

Be very clear about the problem being tackled by you. In addition, being solution-focused means that you see solutions where others see challenges, in spite of the situation.



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