A letter with envelope showing something to be written and sent

A letter to the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Part 1 Letter, Part 2 Action)

Part 1 : The Letter Sent to the Chief Minister

I have written this letter to The Chief Minister after analysing this real incident.

The Honorable Chief Minister

Sub : Irregularities galore in flood love relief distribution in Asansol

Respected Madam,

Trinomul congress leaders face ire of people in the front of MLA’s House. Distribution of flood relief commodities to the flood affected households,  was riddled with several gaps as could be visible from the protests and complaints from the localities.

Real Email showing the letter

With no proper survey carried out about the actual number and identification of sufferers, the distribution of relief material for flood affected people is being carried out till date. The distribution mode is in the hands of party cadres who made many irregularities as possible.

Many residents, flood affected as well as unaffected, who have not received any relief are left seething with anger.

At some locations such as Hajinagar, residents complained to MLA about it but party cadres ignored or Mr MLA has taken the matter too lightly and the cadres carried on their partiality of distribution of those commodities.

At several locations, people’s ire was directed towards the TMC leaders, who, they alleged, were getting the relief distributed to their own supporters and followers.

Majority of flood affected persons are raising questions about them not receiving any relief commodity.

In ward no 25, distribution of relief was only to few families, whereas there were more than 500 families affected by floods.

Residents of majority of flood affected areas expressed anger that the local leaders were ensuring relief only to their kin.

The local leaders, had taken their mobile phone numbers but no relief commodities were distributed among them.

Distribution had also been done at several houses which had not suffered any loss due to floods. At such locations too, the relief distribution was limited to select few, which left many others disgruntled.

Party Cadres under the condition of anonymity, refused to admit that the whole scheme for distribution of relief has been a botched up operation.

We have come to know about several instances where the genuine victims had not got any relief, but those who have not lost anything in the floods were given commodities more than what one family requires.

Conclusion :

In this area, your Image in the mind of people is so high that you are next to almighty. I too have a high degree of respect for you.
So I beg not to crush your Image due to these irresponsible cadres.

I request you shift the distribution operation to some responsible person who will be a real real real representative of your’s. Please take necessary action.

Your’s faithfully
Md Raji
West Bengal
Mb : 7865860862

Let’s see weather action is taken or not. I am going to inform you all about it after few days.

Go to page 2 to know the actions taken by The Chief Minister


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