Oneday Time will Ask Who Killed the precious Time

Life is unbelievable. Here, in its peculiar ways, nothing is permanent but life. Uncertainty pushes all around. The only certainty of life is confusion. Had it been a safe phenomenon, the very magic would have been lost. Time is the very soul thereof. One who knows the soul will surge at ease with its numerous currents. The unconscious is the justification for multiple miseries. Mostly, suffering is nothing but our indifference, our mechanical sleep, and our deep connection of repeatability. As pure as creation, the soul is. It knows the forms that are right.
But in between, we interfere and suffer. Every moment of tension continues to change life. Our acceptance can however, make it more beautiful. Our choice to be involved or casual is still left behind.

Time has a beautiful process for letting us know what is significant or irrelevant. It’s ironic that we always remain the victims of our own actions. At any stage of life, self- audit or introspection is a must. There comes a time when you know that all your attempts to gather more have gone astray and feel robbed. Time never returns, however. Time kills the one who kills time.

The moment we change our life’s pattern from collecting to sharing, in a different avatar, we experience life or time. We’re starting to enjoy life. We are becoming more conscious and making life more aesthetic. We believe that we have arrived and generated good feelings. The feelings are juicy and the very foundation of our vibrant or indifferent being.
It’s ‘time’ to remember the time’ and its real significance. Life is time. It is a gift, but in a small quantity, from the production. It’s not to be spent only chasing emotional, material, or insanity.

Meditation, harmony and wellbeing is utter watching. This means finding inner pleasure that lacks the periphery. It is a chance to try for freedom from earthly inconsistencies. Material is material only. As both are required in proportion, such understanding is supreme and a help to rise above the pain or enjoyment. The explanation for true flowering is the former.

The endless desires are barriers to absorb existence. The pain could be one of the reasons to connect with the inner or divine. In whatever form time approaches, there is always a reason to appreciate life. One who follows existence with total devotion transcends the abnormalities with ease. It is all in the heart to do the repairs of irreparable ones. Patience coupled with flexibility is a tool for such repairs. However, the anxiety which is the mind’s favourite stuff creates confusion. We keep on killing time by conflicting with life’s newness and suffer.
It is ‘time’ to understand time in a far more meaningful way to move higher and higher.


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