Man concentrating on a target

Long Term Concentration is the Key Factor to Succeed

The ability to concentrate has become uncommon in an increasingly fast-paced environment with new trends and an abundance of data. A typical thing today is the ever-ringing sound of alerts and plenty of distractions. Practicing mindfulness and self-control has become more important than ever.

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2017 report, always being accessible on an electronic device will lead to higher levels of stress, affecting our performances negatively. Most of our engagements and classes occur online as a student during Covid hours, which made me wonder how to avoid distractions from stealing my attention.

That is how Deepika Rathore came across me.
Deepika Rathore is a sniper who is accomplished. As she mentions, all that makes all the difference for us is about the thoughts you think and why you think them.”

Along with concentration, one needs the commitment to accomplish their goals. We need to see, practise, and dream about it which encourages us to remain focused on the tasks that we want to accomplish. In order to ensure that they stay inspired, people like to place sticky notes or posters that they can look at each day. How to persevere amid setbacks is another significant factor. We are all programming ourselves to win, but the results may be very different.

Our minds are always clouded by nervousness and a desire to succeed and make us lose track of our thoughts.

In three distinct ways, the human mind struggles with focus.

The fear of not being good enough: we should learn to believe that for general satisfaction and remarkable achievement, the way we are is adequate. It is more critical that we aspire to do better every day than to try to be the best version of ourselves.

Distracting future thoughts: we overwhelm ourselves with thoughts such as What if life doesn’t go as we expected? It can be more satisfying to concentrate on the undemanding present in which our desires and emotions are acknowledged than to chase after what is not yet there. More frequently, we should ask ourselves: how can I work with what I’ve got at the moment?

Frustrations about the lack of time: In the present world, there are infinite choices to choose from, so it is important to start prioritising. As well as that, the more prospects there are, the more, i.e., prioritising away, there is to refrain from.

Focus is an essential and dynamic feature of our minds. Our mind is continuously processing information, but information filtering is a skill that requires practise.

Choosing the right thoughts is crucial and learning to notice the troubling thoughts as our minds can only concentrate solely on one thing at a time. Focusing on a totally neutral thought, a painting, a key holder, like a leaf on a tree, will help us return to the present moment and knock the troubling thoughts out of our heads.

We need to learn to direct our attention inward into our inner heart, goals, and feelings to achieve long-term concentration, which does not require continuous input from outside sources.

Emphasis is all connected with the desire to understand, synthesise and guide our lives in the right direction. It is easy to feel lost and out of control, with machines becoming increasingly intelligent and capable.

The art of concentration must be practised and these experiences shared with the coming generations, who will live in a very different age.


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