Clarity of purpose

Definite Vision / Clarity / Major Purpose

There is one quality that one must have in order to win, and that is the certainty of intent, the knowledge of what one needs and the burning desire to have it.The Clearness of purpose is key for achieving success and making dreams come true.
Your vision or purpose must be transparent and succinct and should not be vague.
Although it’s fun to daydream about becoming prosperous , you have to know and explain explicitly what you want to get or achieve.
Clarity of intent is crucial to cutting calories, getting a new car or living overseas for any level of success. How do you receive it if you don’t specify what you need to do exactly?
Whenever there is predictability of purpose, you realize what measures to take.
With clarity of purpose, you focus on the target, without loosing time or energy. Clarity of intent is like focusing your target on a bright laser intensity, so you can see it perfectly. 

The first step is to write down your main definite aim, also known as the definite chief goal, in order to accomplish your major goal. This would take no significant ability or experience on your part, and you would see most of the items you set out to do materialise if you were to do what is stated in this article. In the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, this is the core concept. It is quick to become nothing more than wishful thinking about your greatest definite reason. In order to prevent this, this post has adapted the Main Definite Intent definition to ensure that you have a method that can help you see tangible results.

What is the Chief Definite Intention ?

They abhor it when men first come into contact with violence. They become used to it and tolerate it if they stay in touch with crime for a period. They eventually accept it and become affected by it if they stay in touch with it long enough. Any thinking stimuli that is sent to the subconscious mind repeatedly is eventually acknowledged and acted upon by it. Writing down your most definite goal and reading it aloud twice everyday would similarly trigger your subconscious mind and generate a burning desire that you need to accomplish your goals. Many individuals set goals, but few see their targets materialise. This is because, passively taking everything that comes their way, they live their lives. A way to trick the subconscious into having the right mental mechanism to accomplish your objectives is to establish a definite chief target. A very particular statement that has the power to manipulate your subconscious mind is your most definite intention.
In turn, your burning desire will push you to take everyday action that drives you towards achieving your objective.

How to build your definite main purpose?

Follow the steps below to establish your key definite purpose:

1. Determining your particular desire

Determine just what you want to be as concrete as possible. For something vague, you will never have a burning desire. It’s vague to want to be rich, but to want to make a million dollars is clear. It’s ambiguous to want to lose weight, to want a 30 inch waist line is specific.

2. Establish the End Date

Set a date on which you want to acquire or accomplish the thing you want. Being practical is critical. For your purpose or desire to be realistic, the time span should be long enough but short enough for you to find it worth pursuing.

3. Decide the Price

Determine what you’re willing to give in exchange for the thing you want. For the object of your desire, you have to pay a price and you have to pay it in full before you get it. You never get anything for free, and if and when it is necessary, the definite chief target prepares you to pay the price. You need to generate the requisite value in exchange for the money if you want to be a millionaire. If you want to get in shape, you need to do the training you need to adopt a good diet plan. There is a price you have to pay for it no matter what your desire is.

4. Create Imperfect Plan

Make a definite plan that will help you understand this desire and, whether you are ready or not, put this plan into motion immediately. Your strategy doesn’t have to be concrete. There’s just somewhere you need to start, so come up with whatever idea you can think of. Notice that you just need a place to start and work towards it. You may not need an intricate plan that is well thought out. When you begin to have a burning urge, your strategy will grow in your subconscious and you will think of several different ideas at a later date.

5. Compose a Succinct Statement

Write in a succinct statement the outcomes of the above four steps. It must include what you want, what you are going to give, along with the time limit and the strategy with which you expect to obtain this object of your desire, in exchange for your object of desire. When you have written it down along with your name or signature, remember to write down the date. This succinct declaration is your definite main objective or chief target.

6. Reading Your definite main intent

Twice a day once after waking up and once before you go to sleep, read this succinct sentence. See and believe that the object of your desire is waiting to be passed to you when you read this sentence, as and when you offer the service/work you have committed to rendering in exchange for it in step 3. Reading it aloud is meant to condition your subconscious mind by making you continually think about it to create a burning desire.

7. Your Identity Change

Repeat the daily reading of your key specific objective before you begin to take regular daily action that pushes you towards your ultimate goal. Your definite chief target has become part of your identification every day, whether you are doing anything that drives you towards your goal. If you want to do that you can continue to read your key definite goal regular, but when I hit this point, I usually revisit my definite chief goal less often.Without taking steps, a lot of us get stuck in the planning stage. It is important that you put your strategy into motion and through the implementation of your plan, make progress towards your target every day.

8. More than One Major Definite Purpose

It will decrease its power to control your sub-conscious mind by having more than one big definite intent. Plans will alter to obtain the object of your desire, but the object of your desire should not. Ask yourself what fulfils you most to decide the object of your desire and define the object of your desire accordingly. You may have several other purposes, but only one definite main aim.

Method for adding your definite main purpose to your life

We looked at what a definite main function is, how it functions and how one can be created. You would be able to establish your own definite chief objective with this knowledge and use it to achieve your main purpose. However, to see all the advantages, you will need to absorb this into your life effectively. Your key definite aim, without that, would only become something you have written and forgotten about. To integrate this into your life, you need a framework, which we will discuss in this section.
It is highly recommended that you read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, which is where the idea of the big definite intent first came from. It is not sufficient to establish a definite chief target alone. I would strongly recommend that you continue reading How to Write a Diary, a Keystone Practice that Changes Life. Writing a journal will help you form and conform to your routines and thereby accomplish your objectives. In making your definite chief target a fact, this is important.

Exactly What To Do

Understand exactly what you’re after.
Investigate why you want to achieve your objectives, and by accomplishing it, what you will benefit.
Assure that you’d want your mission to be accomplished.
Read about your main objective and think about it.
See the images of your purpose.
Clearly visualise your goal.
See all of the detailed information in your mind.
Be precise what you’d like to get or accomplish with respect to colour , size, amount, structure, site, etc.
Learn to keep your mind focused on your target.
Delete from your life the distractions.
In your life, show dedication and some self-discipline.


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