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How to Erase lame Excuses to be Successful in Life?

An ever-widening rift between us and our destination can be created by excuses in the way of our objectives. Efforts done rightfully will get us closer to our target.

Our journey is at times, peppered with lame defences. We attempt to persuade ourselves that we are unable to accomplish our goals because of external circumstances; whereas the blame lies inside ourselves. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Cassius quoted sagaciously, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…”

What we really aspire to do what we accomplish, is completely certain. But even encouragement from external quarters such as family, colleagues, motivational videos, etc does not prove helpful if our efforts are expelled by excuses. A rather old adage still holds value: “God supports those who help themselves.” Even those who fail to work are not helped by God. Until and unless they get up and attempt to walk their route, those who luxuriate in laziness will separate themselves from their performance. I have met people who blame it all on fate. Destiny is a word which is overwhelmed. What is fate? Isn’t that what we do by our thoughts and actions? There is definitely a Higher Force that rules us, but that divine energy is so idle that it regulates our every step. No way, the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient protector gave us free will. The way we want to live is for us to know.

But the notion of someone strong manoeuvring our lives is easy to play with, rather than the soldier on our journey. There is hardly any remorse that way. Excuses keep us and our comfort zone reconciled. Much beyond our protected cocoon lies development and glory.

A port ship is secure, but that’s not what ships are for,” one of the most inspiring axioms I’ve encountered.” I feel that a ship is also not safe in the harbour if it stays there for a longer period of time. With rust, it can decay. Owing to stagnation, engines can be jammed. How will mortal Homo sapiens thrive in the prolonged stagnation of inactivity if a system can not endure the monotony of rest? In the quagmire of dormancy, the trail of excuses may include us.

From Mother Nature, let’s learn. She sleeps barely because of her bounty. It melts into noon in the morning and dusk dissolves into a dark night. One season gives way to a new one. The summer bustle is surrendering itself to fall. The numbness of the winters is taken over by spring’s benevolence, which too, does not last long. Nature reclaims her vitality in its hibernation and sprouts with renewed majesty into greatness. The world meditates in solitary isolation even in the cold, ruthless winters and bounces buoyantly into the floral embrace of the spring season.

We must not waste our childbirth by prolonging our rest period. Our life is nothing other than the moments we live. We must ensure that efforts are given more value than excuses. Let’s record in a journal before we sleep every day, whether our day has been consumed by excuses or efforts. Let’s also write about a small move toward our target, and let’s not forget the reasons we gave ourselves. This practise will generate mindfulness. It will help us overcome doubts and insecurities of our own. We would be able to explore limitless possibilities awaiting our awakening by being truthful with ourselves. In radiating a rewarding personality, we will succeed.