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Be Disciplined to be Prosperous

No alternative to discipline exists.

The entire World operates with discipline. Similarly, in a disciplined way the entire galaxy also works. Our land, the ocean and all of nature work with discipline as well. We have found that their discipline is often maintained by mammals, birds and plants.

In order to get the correct efficiency and results, the machines that are man-made also have to operate in discipline. Otherwise, either computer will get damaged and will not work as expected.

In every walk of life, every occupation, every kind of organisation, religion and government as a whole, discipline is needed.

In following the right discipline, however there are many gaps and therefore we suffer illness as a person, deterioration in profession, faith, organisation and governance.

When the whole world follows discipline, we need to think and need the right directions and methodology of implementation to neglect such an important factor that has no alternative.

We hope to understand the importance and need for discipline to be upheld. In order to reduce indiscipline and ultimately reach a disciplined, prosperous and peaceful life, we and our leaders from all areas are wise.