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How to Fight with Sorrow to be Successful in Life?

Sorrow, tragedy, unhappiness, there are many other negative words make us run away from such a scenario, topic or place. We don’t want some sort of negativity around us, and we do so many things because of that. We’re denying it, dissuading it and even paying too much to stop grief. We are opposed to persons and elements that offer us negativity. But too many times, in preventing such situations, we do not succeed, as much as we want to shy away from such things. But it’s not knocking on your window, it’s pressing in, knocking down the doors.
We’re not able to do that and we collapse back on our faces.

Sorrow comes with so many respects. Financial, material, man-made or natural disasters, social failure, failure to investigate, loss of dear ones, and a myriad of forms, big and small. It takes away your vitality and your peace of mind. You’re such a mess. Why lament over spilled milk, though? Why do you become a recluse or find yourself a failure? Something that is unavoidable is bound to happen, if one recognises a situation as it is and does not get confused or lie about it to others as well as oneself, then I feel half the fight is won, there is no point in cursing yourself or others about one’s situation.

I would repeat my words again that it is most important to accept a situation. Acceptance is one of those elements of one’s mind that can make you a winner, and if it isn’t there a person will end up battling, weeping, living in an imaginary world, and finally end up in a pathetic situation.

Man proposes and God disposes, as it is said. Choices that we create for the good of ourselves and our loved ones often turn out to be absolutely wrong. Such choices cause pain and division between the members of the family. Then a long chain of quarrels and a game of blame begins. These quarrels and allegations result in people damaging each other for life and thus ending the relationship in turn. But why not embrace each other the way the person is, instead of souring auspicious life relations. I’m not saying this way, there won’t be any sorrow. Hard words, demoralising words, ignorant words will harm the heart, but at least there will be acceptance of the other person’s actions and you will manage the situation better, the sorrow will teach you patience and wisdom to cope with the situation.

We are powerless at times in the face of such circumstances. Aside from tolerating them, there is nothing else we can do. We need to develop patience for such occasions, and that is too much. In India, the list is long, from waiting in long queues to traffic jams. I’m going to add a terrible supervisor to that. What is one willing to do? If the job is not so important, a queue may be left, but a jam has to be crossed on the head with a brick of ice. There is no point in continuously honking as it will just add to the noise pollution and you will be hurled at by some abuses. Similarly, one has to live with a bad boss and learn the ability to stop or retaliate with silken blows. How successfully you can tolerate your boss is up to your nature, but acknowledging his horror and the wound of your fate with him will bring you less sorrow than anything else.

Sorrow comes in several forms; a partner’s moodiness, a friend, a colleague, or even a supervisor, who passes you on a fine day with a snide joke, making you nervous and throwing you off and bringing sorrow. For whatever excuse, plans run foul and cause you too much unhappiness, a feeling of depression, a feeling of repeated failure at things, an opportunity missed, a friendship that you are looking forward to an investment or even an arrangement to spend a nice time with family.

What does one do on such occasions? Tell yourself loudly that the end of the world is not here. Stand in front of the mirror and say vehemently to yourself that nothing has gone wrong. Again the sun will rise. You’re going to climb again. Accept the situation and immediately prepare stuff for the next occasion. Do more homework this time look at loopholes and make a proposal that is airtight. Don’t fear yourself of failing. See it and bounce back as a preparatory round.
You will not see sorrow as sorrow in this way, but a path to cross and step on into a happier life that is successful.


How to be Successful in Difficult Situations?

Let me try to give you a couple of actionable measures. They are the following:—

1. Comprehension

You see, you’ve got to know that you’re in one hell of a downhill trip, and things could get worse. For a bit, all is not going to be hunky dory.

2. Acknowledgement.

Acceptance is the next step. Well, yeah, yeah, you’re in a tuff position, and it looks to you like shit could really hit the fan soon. Good! Good, good! Once you acknowledge that you are on the brink of tragedy, you empower yourself by acknowledging the facts.

Always think positive
3. Time

Now, this is something that you have to recognise and know that times are still going to change. In 6 months or so, the tuff spot in which you are now won’t actually be there. Things are going to improve and if you have hit rock bottom somewhere, then be grateful. There are good times going!

4. Grit.

You are already forging the way to a better future until you understand and embrace the present situation you are in. You may still not know it, but you are. Now you know what’s wrong and you can always come up with a solution because you know that. I ‘d advise you to stay away from social media and inspiration when on this road of transformation. Not culture, nor social media. There will be nothing good coming out of Facebook. Say no to inspiration as well. Today, you can be inspired and sad tomorrow because you are not where your inspired self expected you to be. Go for grit and determination instead. Rarely should they let you down.

5. Let loose

If you are a man or a woman, I don’t know, but I would advise you to weep from time to time. You see, we eventually end up bearing emotional baggage as we go through tough times. Let go of the luggage. You don’t need them. You will be left with a light feeling in your heart after you sob on your heart out and clarity will soon follow.

Always Smile
6. Head down.

Not to make needless noise is what I mean here. You now know what’s wrong, you have thoroughly screamed out your heart at the unfairness of the situation and cursed life and God, and now you can add insight to what should be done. Keep your head down and keep working until you find it out. Don’t go back down the self pity loop. It will not aid.

7. Patience

When you’re busy building a better tomorrow for yourself and your colleagues, from time to time, you’ll end up being frustrated and impatient. This is where patience is required. It takes up to 50 years for a mango tree to grow and bear its first fruit. By pulling at the little sapling, you can’t hasten the growth process.

8. Meditation

I know, in this section, you might be cringing. In the modern world, meditation is way overrated. I am not asking you to be a guru, however. You see, we get stressed out when we are in a tuff position and invariably get nervous. A stressed mind, an agitated mind, is my friend’s troubled mind, and you have to tame it ASAP. What you need is a relaxed mind. I would suggest some easy breathing exercises for you. It is it, that is. With this, YouTube will help you out.

9. Don’t Prioritise

Yeah, actually you were fucked (and you’re not loving it for a change) and that’s what moved you to post this question here. You see, we’ve got wayyy too many fucks now for a few days to give up unimportant things. Don’t! Don’t! Prioritize what is relevant and decide it. You’re holding yourself in the loop of suffering when you give a fuck about anything and all. You are cementing the foundations of your life’s unhappiness. Read the book, called the subtle art of not giving a fuck, if you want more clarification on this particular issue. It helped me, and I hope it will help you.

Ok, in a short time, this is what I will come up with and I hope this allows you to make some light of the situation in which you are.