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Criticism of People Means You are Growing Rapidly

4 letter word the fear, looks thin, but it holds a whole feeling. We all have different fears, regardless of how much a person looks stronger he/she has something or the other he/she is going to fear, and most of the time we are not comfortable sharing it with people. We never really say our views loudly sometimes-we stop ourselves from being insulted, we fear being judged, we fear that people will laugh at us and make our views funny.
Everyone is afraid of being punished, criticised or made fun of, but the only difference is that it is not seen by certain people and some are easily taken away by the situation. People will judge, they will find something or another to condemn you, and at the end of the day everyone will disagree no matter what you decide.

The truth is that you or me are not going to like every person. But if you want to make something important in this world, creating your own winning strategy to deal with criticism is necessary. Since it is going to happen. For positive growth, some criticism may involve valuable interactions, and quite a bit of it won’t.
If you’re sitting in a 10-person space, it’s not important for everyone to approve your views and judgement, and if someone criticises you that it doesn’t necessarily mean that they hate you or want to see you down, it may just be that the way things are looked through the lens of that person is different from yours. Studies show that we are four times more likely to recall constructive reviews than to compliment even happy individuals, and that poor feedback is more carefully interpreted than good. Think about what’s successful in being questioned, find the piece of truth in it and let it inspire better expectations.

It’s all right if people trust me to laugh at your views that will help you, push you to become even better… some day or the other, those people will appreciate you, but for that because of being criticised, you have to concentrate on your goal and not shift your focus.
You’re going to say stupid things… you’re going to make mistakes, but at least by the end of the day you’re not going to be dissatisfied with yourself for not even trying… At least you were trying… you didn’t sit quietly because of your fear.
Surmount the insecurities… Bad experiences will only lead you to learn valuable lessons in life.


How to be Successful by Forgiving All?

I used to hate any cliché about forgiveness that exists.
It seems that forgiveness is like the greatest betrayal to our very own selves. After what has happened to us, we don’t want to give up the fight for justice. We want blood for blood, and it is our ego that is burning and giving birth to red hot rage and toxicity right in the middle of this situation that begins to pump throughout our system.

Rage becomes an intrinsic part of the body and makes us oblivious to the fact that harm has already been done and things can not be resolved by revenge. By repeating the scenario of what has happened to us and continuing to feed the fire raging inside us, we hurt ourselves every day. Let me tell you that this is just your anger speaking and remember that wishing pain and suffering for anyone can not bring you the treasure of surreal happiness. We all want peace and think that if we see the person suffering who once made us suffer, our mind and soul will calm.

It won’t wash away the pain of what’s happened to you and give you immediate peace, so try to forgive, but it’s one of the key tools that can help you survive the long, uphill peace fight.
Forgiveness is a selfish thing to do because, because of what has happened to us, it means getting ready to stand up on our feet, take the control back into our hands and refuse to live a miserable existence. It means giving up hope for a different past and heading into the future path of glowing and rising bravely and optimistically.
As everybody makes mistakes, forgive others and yourself and that is what makes us human. Every day, we are mere creatures doing our best, fighting our own battles to create a better world for us.

Don’t forget to forgive yourself when forgiving others as well. Since you are also a hero and, however, in shining armour, you are your very own knight.

Today, forgive yourself for the ways that you have chosen to struggle through your suffering. Your instinct of survival that developed when you were unable to control your pain and hurt, doesn’t make you a bad human being. As you have done everything you can think of and managed to survive and find your way back to life, it makes you stronger and courageous.

Forgive yourself for changing your mind about the things that were your ultimate dream target you once believed were. In an ever-growing world, we all live and get to learn something new about people and different things every day. So it’s our responsibility to forgive ourselves for having the self-awareness of some very big things to change our minds.

Forgive yourself for not being enough loving. Often in your life, there may be someone who is willing to give up everything for you and do his / her best every day to give you everything, but even though you forced yourself to, you still can’t love them. Love is something that can’t be pushed into being, it’s something that automatically flourishes. So don’t feel bad, because you deserve the love that sparks your soul and brings sunshine to your life , making it fun and easy to give and take.

Forgive yourself for all the chances that you haven’t taken and all the things that you haven’t written. Anything to do or say is never too late. So get up and go to that destination, make that call and send that I miss you text because it’s never too late and trust me that God has his own thing for the best to work out.

And eventually, resolve to forgive yourself and others for all the mistakes we haven’t made yet and we’re going to mess up again and maybe bigger than we’ve done before, but we’re going to get to know something different and bigger than the previous one as well. Life is too short to sit and waste your energy hating someone in one place and in one condition. Make space for more mistakes, step and forgive out of your comfort zone. As there are a lot of encounters waiting for you to be experienced and a lot of faces to be kissed that wait to love you more than you could have expected, move on and love more people. So take and forgive a step forward.