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How to be Successful in Making Attitude like Famous People?

Write your weaknesses down here. Keep them in mind, all the time …!!

Only forget about your strengths. They are built-in and you don’t need to boast about them anymore!

Being at the end of the hearing, before talking. Avoid being judgmental ..!!

Instead of describing every single move, pin point your decisions. Don’t be an essay, choose to fill in the blank instead.!

Never raise a voice, but raise an opinion. Let your view be known …!

Avoid likening yourself to the world. World, no safe place to compare anymore ..!

Equate your weaknesses with your strengths. Conceal your shortcomings with your talent!

Avoid manipulating feelings and individuals. Let your manipulations go down …!

Be accurate in your language if you want to lie. But, lies are going to crop up eventually. Is it worth taking a risk …?

Let the pride go down. If you’re arrogant, that’s all right, but let’s not get confused between being arrogant and selfish pride!