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How to Manifest Your Dreams to be Successful in Life?

I want my dream life to be real. What? But how?
They all want to turn their dream life into reality. But many of you don’t know how to do that, don’t know how to reach goals, and don’t know how to get started.

Have you heard of the Law of Manifestation before?

Yeah, there is a phrase and it really works. You take it wrong because the true significance of manifestation is not known by most of you. Manifesting something is about making it happen. Manifestation is all about concentrating on and attracting what you want from what you think, say and do. It is all about how, through thinking, you can influence the entire external world.
Yeah, you’ve heard that correctly.
What you think about may be what you become.
Still, perplexed and in doubt?

A Real Life Scenario

Let’s use a real-life scenario to explain this.
I was just like it wasn’t possible at first and then I tried and my life changed. I have made a target card that I have to start doing meaningful work, become more involved, have an awesome network of people, come out of my comfort zone, start writing, and have a few more short-term goals.
The goal card reads, “I am so pleased and thankful that by February 2021 I have accomplished my 5 short-term goals and I am proud of myself. The first thing I used to think about when I woke up and the last thing before I went to bed was this goal statement. I still believed like I had done it. I was living in a world where my aim and short-term goals had already been accomplished. I was already there in my head, because I had a confidence in it. And so I literally built my life, where I am right now with my thoughts.
Isn’t this philosophy magical? Just note, when you learn, you must become what you think of.

It’s a rule, it’s going to give you back whatever vibes you give to the universe. Instead, you don’t need to have a particular set of beliefs; you need to believe in your own abilities.
But the question arises here:- How do you believe in yourself?
How does one turn these dreams into reality?
How do I get what I want?
One also has to take physical action to achieve so. The sooner you take action, the sooner things start to manifest themselves. And this won’t happen until you take action. If you just sit around and think about dreams, manifestation can not happen.
The choice is still yours for a better life. Always note that in your life, you can have whatever you want, because whatever you want is waiting for you already.
So here are 5 simple steps you can take to turn your dream life into reality:—

Trust in yourself

Start to believe in yourself in your talents and abilities. These are the two powerful words for Manifest, I AM. You still believe that I am, that I will, and that I will. Trust the system and keep doing it.

Build A Strategy and Act

Action. That’s what is most important. You can’t just imagine the burger and eat it. You can feel better with visualisation. It works and can only happen if you work hard to accomplish it.

Then, if not now, when??
Then take action if you’ve made a strategy.

Write down the short-term/long-term priorities.

Tell yourself and others about what you’re trying to do.
To get a little closer to your target, do something every day.
Take suggestions and collaborate on it.
A must is introspection.
Keep reminding yourself of your desired performance.

Emphasis on the Positive Side

Have you ever heard of the Attraction Act?
This is the capacity to draw everything we are focused on into our lives. What you send, you attract. It’s the idea that positive thoughts in the life of a person carry positive experiences. So don’t let your fear, your concern, your anxiety, limit your positive faith.

Has it ever happened that you were thinking of your friend and that person called you that same day???
This is how the law of attraction is perceived by people and taken as a coincidence.

Visualise Success

If you like, imagine. It stimulates the brain to get educated. Focus on what you want, regardless of the fact that it might not be your current truth, to increase motivation and to increase trust.
It’s the big secret of success.

Being Humble and Grateful

Staying humble helps to achieve better results at work. Always be happy for what you’re having.
Always be grateful to the world and to the people who have helped you accomplish all your dreams, for all the hard work you have done. Be thankful for the benefits you have and for what you will get in the future.

Sit back, calm down and relax your mind and have a long and deep conversation to brainstorm and introspect with yourself that you believe and keep updating them with time.

Ask for what you want and get ready for hard work and get it.


How to Use Procrastination to be Successful in Life?

Procrastination is the act of delaying a task or collection of tasks or postponing them.
We still say that we procrastinate at all times!
If there is something important that needs good effort to be done, we generally procrastinate it.
Procrastination has become a derogatory word over the past few years since it is cited as one of the key causes of our failures. Procrastination is often considered a disease as well!
You tell people that you are procrastinating, so they immediately start giving you a lot of suggestions about how to stop it. There are thousands of ways for people to tell you to quit postponing work.
The truth, however, is we can’t. We’re not able to deter procrastination.

About why?
Since we are delaying or postponing anything in each movement. We aren’t?
We do something in each moment and postpone other works.
You’re waking up and postponing your night right now. Who would stop you from sleeping? You. You.
Waking up is delayed while you are sleeping. What is stopping you from getting up? You. You.
You’ve got the option of what to do and what to postpone. The actor is you. You are accountable for doing something and for delaying something else. Ever. Always.
So, we’re never able to stop procrastinating. Even the entire function of our body is based on procrastination.
Why are we treating procrastination as an immoral habit?
Since we are postponing nice stuff! As easy as that.
Are we postponing depression or rage? Never. Never.
Are we delaying happiness? Yes. Yes. What? How? We’re setting requirements. We’ll get a job if we work hard and we’ll be satisfied. You’ve delayed happiness.

Do we set conditions for frustration? If everything is done, then we’re going to get furious. Or unexpectedly it just comes.
Delay the sorrow and be grateful. Right now, do what makes you happy. Right now, do what makes you happier. Why postpone it for the future?
Now do the right things. Research right away. Right now work. Delaying bad stuff. Delaying needless things.
We’ve got a option. But we still postpone significant and correct things in the way we work. Society imposes on us the working mechanism. In this mechanism, we are taught to believe. That’s why, because we see satisfaction in college life, we work hard in school. In college, we study hard because we see satisfaction in a good salaried career. In the workplace, we work hard because we see peace in retirement. Yet we never feel happy and it still prevents happiness.
I’m not asking you to delay your hard work, just the way you delay satisfaction with your hard work.

Let me have an example for you. We feel good at solving it and happy after solving it if we solve a difficult mathematical problem or a difficult task (if it is chosen by ourselves). Yeah, we can feel stressful, but due to delayed frustration, anxiety and depression, that’s okay.
Delay the things that, right now, make you furious, nervous and sad. And begin doing the things that right now make you happy and fulfilled. Find anything like that out and don’t delay it. And you have a preference. The actor is you.

What activities do you follow to achieve a 1% growth everyday?

Every day, 1 percent growth is something rhetorical, as arithmetic words and percentages do not measure growth in every field of one’s interest. The idea is essentially excellent with the baby phase, every day learning small lessons to gradually gain a lot of experience and skills over the longer term.

I have a certain number of domains charted out for me, therefore. These are domains that I find interesting and fascinating. Domains, the experience of which will pay me a strong dividend in the coming days. And, thus, every day I read and explore more about those domains to increase my ken a little bit more about them every day.

That way, on any given day under the microscope, I probably don’t succeed much at any of them. However, if everyday improvement is compounded and parsed over a long period of time, then I end up even more enriched and erudite with improved comprehension potential in each of these fields.

Enable me to explain some cases.

Learn 5 words per day

I want to enrich my English language order, so I learn / review five new / forgotten words and their meanings every day, and also practise using the same building phrases. Five words a day isn’t that large an amount to reinforce one’s vocabulary. Yet, you end up with 150 words on your tongue for disposal over the course of a month!
And that is enough, in my opinion, to transform the writing skills of an person. Five words a day only.

Grateful to somebody

I strive to be a person who never runs out of things in life to be grateful for. I know that I will always keep my life happy and upbeat regardless of the unavoidable ups and downs come my way. Almost every day, I write a letter to a person clarifying why I am grateful to them. This is how I find a new thing to be grateful for every day.

Often with friends and relationships that sometimes brought joy to my life in the past. And I wrote to comedians at other times who made me laugh and business magnates who encouraged me to think bigger than my life suggests. Do I have a response from either of them? Ok, actually, two of the standup comics reverted to my letters!

Write 2000 words per day

I want to strengthen my writing knack. In creating ideas and observations, I want to be so successful that I never run out of stuff to write. And, thus, I make sure every day that I have to pump out at least 2,000 words, regardless of whether or not I have anything to write about in my mind.

I end up with garbage on the screen of my laptop sometimes and it sometimes turns out to be my personal best piece ever. But no matter what, with the habit of writing 2,000 words a day, I have largely managed to train my grey matter to throw ideas at me that I can write about. It helps make sure that I’m never out of writing material. And that’s only because I write 2,000 words every day, no matter how good or bad they may be. This isn’t just about practise. This is a ritual.

Read about some famous people everyday

I want to be a person who knows a lot about masterful magnates who, on their own, have made it big in their lives. And, thus, every day I make sure to read and learn something new about one such character.

Read books and articles on my favourite subject

I have a deep interest in the Indian economy, but as far as academics go, I have no attachment to the economic sense. So, to strengthen my understanding, I read books on economics by noted Indian economists like Kaushik Basu and Bibek Debroy. I’m not going through the cumbersome strategy of finishing the whole book in one go. I just read a few chapters a day from books like that. At a time, one tiny move.

Another thing I do to improve my understanding of how India ‘s economy and politics are largely intertwined with each other is to spend almost two hours each day just reading from over four different newspapers each and every editorial and the whole economy pages.

I do not brag. Economics eludes me, and it seems that I really enjoy it. And, therefore, spending time on it seems to be legitimate and worth the investment.

These are just a few examples of how I aim to “grow 1% every day” in the areas that I care about and find relevant for my future. I hope the reader discovers that the answer adds some value to their viewpoint.