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How to Erase Sufferings to be Successful in Life?

A strong tree is not strong because it has stronger branches, but deep down in the earth it has the strongest roots and that is why a tree can not be extirpated.
As every other tree, however, our personality is only a branch, while our emotions are the roots of our minds. The more feedback we provide to our thinking, the deeper the roots become. The key compost to our roots is ‘showing off to strengthen and extend its space and cover the full portion of our thought process. These secret and silent mechanisms make us so miserable that the root cause of our misery is scarcely found. Do we fail to know, do we not even come to understand why we suffer? And that’s why, by blaming other people for their inner pain, most of us find the explanation outside the universe! Isn’t it ridiculous and funny?

But that is the way that it is…
We live in a world in which we are surrounded by people whose main aim is to show off their lives! They pretend and project all the time that what they have done is remarkable. How much they’ve won is just amazing. They also want to demonstrate how to relax their lives by spending enormous cash on luxury and comfort, and how happy they are. And they have to run like Bolt, think like Jobs, behave like Ambani, and work like a machine to become richer and wealthier to retain this so-called position. And they think that what they were yesterday, today or tomorrow, can’t be the same. They need to keep upgrading their status from now on so that people can never mark them a loser!

It means that by worrying about what others think about them, they live every single moment of their life! That’s why they make sure that no one can regard them as an average man, who has decoded the true meaning of happiness, who understands the life process, and who knows the ultimate purpose of his life.
These people have a world of their own, where they are the rulers and creators of their own lives. Only to appease their subtle ego, they receive nothing but the admiration of others. They don’t believe it is worth living unless and until individuals don’t appreciate their accomplishments. That is why they never admire themselves unless they are not respected by people. Slow & steady, they become so reliant on others that they constantly need to praise and remind them how superior you are to one or the other person around them. Yet they know, the one who praises is only trying to trick him, and yet, this lie is recognised as a universal fact!

But the truth is a mystery that can not be solved until the mental state of acceptance and denial is achieved. In the circle of greed, ego and desire, the acceptance of being no one and ignorance of others, especially those who make us predictable fools and bind us. A wise person can maybe sacrifice his integrity just to fulfil his ego’s never-ending appetite. As the ego builds a circle of greed and wishes, as it is satisfied, the essence of desire is to extend further. We have to accept the very simple fact that suffering is the product of ego and desire. As long as they remain and grow, the ego of self and desire for praise induces pain in each one of our lives. That’s why we should obey Bhagavad Gita’s teachings, which clarify that unless we surrender the meaning of I, which is nothing but Ahamkara, harmony can not be attained.