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Adopt a Different Personality to be Successful

Same person, same process, same action producers same results. If you want to get an extra ordinary result you have to become an extraordinary person. Any type of result is highly related with the person who is acting for that result. To get a different result you have to replace the man who is producing those malicious results.

But how can you replace yourself ? Ok then replace your head and places someone other’s head just like Ganesha( a Hindu God whose head was amputed by lord Shani but kind lord Shiva placed an elephant’s head over Ganesha’s neck). Still not possible ! Then I can’t help you. You have to change your head to be successful in life. Indirectly I am asking you to change your mind. If your mind changes for better then your whole office will automatically change.

Changing Your Mind

Changing your mind is not an easy task as you are habituated to do the same things that you have been doing for a long period of time. Bad habits are created effortlessly but erasing a bad habit requires a strong will power. Generating a good habit requires a high degree of commitment but uninstalling a good habit can be done in seconds just like uninstalling an app from our mobile. I have read many books on the topic Habit. Initially I have found these books helpful for changing my habits but after a few days my old habits pulled me towards it just like a magnet pulls a piece of iron. Who is the culprit here? Certainly my mind. So I decided to change my mind to incorporate new patterns and disapprove old behaviours in my life. This decision changed my destiny. Here are some tips on how to change your mind.

1. Strong Sentimental reason

An emotion is a physiological and mental feeling state that directs our attention and governs our behavior. Stronger the emotional reason to change, quicker will there be the behavioral change. So ask yourself, “Why I want to change my mentality?” If your answer is because I want to become rich then it can’t motivate you. But if your answer is “I want to take revenge for something” or ” I want to prove my ex girlfriend that I am the best.” then these answers will force you to remain motivated lifelong. Your answer should not be materialistic but it should be highly emotional.

A Man angry and annoyed with something
Highly emotional

2. Do it right now

Starting means half done. Early bird catches the worm. Idle brain is devil’s workshop. Don’t allow your brain to be idle. Start immediately. But, “how can you start everything right now?”Prioritise your work and do each work simultaneously. This is the most important habit one has to cultivate to change his personality. This single behaviour has power to change your entire destiny. So I name this behaviour as anti-procrastination pattern of a successful entity.

Is it difficult to follow? If you are not in a mood to do anything, start cleaning your study table, rearrange your books and clothes, DO SOMETHING USEFUL but don’t keep your brain idle. There are some useless work like chatting with friends, watching TV , watching social media posts in mobile and more. AVOID USELESS WORK.

3. Practice, Practice and Practice

Picture of Bruce Lee and his quote
Famous Quote of Bruce Lee

If you drive a car for the first time, you will learn something on driving. If you try it for the second time your driving skill will somewhat improve. But if you drive it hundred times, you will be an expert in driving that car. Again if you abstain yourself from driving for six months, your calibre in driving that car will decrease.

To be a master of any skill requires a lot of practice that can not be done in one or two days. Also to hold that mastered skill for the lifetime, one has to practice that skill on regular intervals.

In an interview, Mr Sachin Tendulkar (Indian cricket player) told the interviewer that he used to face 500 balls in net practice, everyday without missing a single day in a year for the last 17 years at sharp 6am morning.

By practice your skills improves. Only learning a skill is not important but to practice the skill over and over again is the vital thing needed to become it’s master.

Repeating a task again and again! Is it difficult or easy?

4. Do your Best

No one is perfect and perfection cannot be reached because there is always a room for a work to be done in a better way. The only thing we can do is to give our 100% effort to do our best.

This mentality to do our best should not be limited to our profession but it should be executed to every walks of life. If you are playing then do your best in playing that game. If you are cleaning your room then do your best to clean that room. If you are in office then do your best to do your duty sincerely, etc etc.

Creating a habit of doing best you can is nothing but doing every thing with care and passion.

5. Keep Yourself updated

Electric bill payment – on time, Attending seminar – on time, Hair cutting – on time, Professional task submission – on time, payment of house maid – on time, Your dream project task – on time

This means that you have updated yourself. There is no pending work left aside. Creating this habit to be updated is not a difficult task but it requires a certain degree of commitment.

6. Acceptance and Forgiveness

Be a performer but don’t try to become a reformer. Your mentality won’t match with others. You will say that the glass is half full and others will say that the glass is half empty. Views of others may be completely different than yours. They are right in their point of view and you are right in your point of view. It is wise not to comment on their point of view. Never try to change their way of life instead try to accept them and forgive them from your inner heart. It is better to forget those ignorant people who never brothers about your wise suggestions. So why to quarrel with others, let them live their life and you live in your own world.

Is it difficult to accept and forgive some ignorant people of your society? If you forgive someone then you can easily erase everything about that person from your mind.

7. Always be in a Hurry

If you want a task to complete early then you have to be in a hurry.When you are in a hurry you won’t loose focus over the job and when you are highly focused, the quality of the task done unconsciously improves.

Also establishing a piece of work early gives opportunity to complete other works early. This habit in turn gives the advantage to complete a huge project before the time allotted by you in your goal schedule and you will achieve quick success.

8. Produce World Class Quality

You will be in a hurry to complete your task but never compromise with the quality. It should be the best and it should be the world class. Create a famous and high quality brand name for your product and services.

Creating good quality needs huge amount of time but once you create it, it’s re – creation won’t take much.

But how to attain world class quality? You will never create something world class in the first attempt. The only thing you have to keep in mind, ” I will produce better in my next attempt.”

This mindset to improve the quality in every occasion and in every opportunity will one day reward you with the quality that is called WORLD CLASS.

9. Keep yourself busy

What am I doing now? Ask this question 100 times a day and answer it honestly without any partiality in two words. Give two option for it. 1. USEFUL WORK and 2. USELESS WORK. Hang this question along with the two answers in every wall of your living rooms and in your place of work.

If the answer is “Useful work” then it’s OK and if the answer is “Useless work” then you are not busy enough to attain the wealth of success. Tell yourself “I am an important and busy person and I don’t have time for trifles. I am changing my way right now”.

A wooden board to motivate people to start now
Motivate yourself to do it now

You should be actually busy 24*7. Show off business is a different thing. You have to be honest with yourself that you are really busy and not making a false commitment.

10. Every Step Towards Growth and Progress

Once to an interviewer, Master batsman Mr Sachin Tendulkar Said,”I play cricket, I eat cricket, I think cricket,I sleep cricket, I dream cricket, I walk cricket, and cricket cricket & cricket is in every step of my life.” The burning desire in him to grow day by day made him The God of Cricket.

Your destination is towards north but you are walking towards either east, west or south. You are never going to reach your desired place. Similarly there are many directions in your life to roam about here and there but there is only one direction that will lead you towards success. That is the direction of growth and progress in every step of your life. Neglect the trifles and follow the path of Growth. Whatever you are doing now should be directly or indirectly related to your dream Goal.

11. Tarcking your Progress

Tracking the progress can be used to keep your motivation level up. Tracking can be classified in three ways.

A girl writing in her diary tracking progress
Tracking her progress

1. Tracking with respect to time

Keep a record on how much time you have spent in each classified task. Watch, is it increasing or decreasing, which work you need more attention, which work is taking maximum time and plan how to reduce it.

2.Tracking with respect to Quantity

Keep a journal to watch the quantity of product and services you have offered to the world. Watch weather it is decreasing or increasing. Make a weekly graph to track these changes. Modify your strategy to increase your production every week.

3. Tracking with respect to Quality

Develop some criteria to judge the quality of products and services. It is better to ask the people who uses your products and services. Establish a quality control department where you can measure and approve methods to improve the quality during and after the processing of that product.

Bottom line :

If you wants to change your personality then don’t focus on changing a fixed habits one by one, change everything suddenly and spontaneously. Your time starts now. After all present time is in your hand. Please like,comment, share and Subscribe


How to Fight with Sorrow to be Successful in Life?

Sorrow, tragedy, unhappiness, there are many other negative words make us run away from such a scenario, topic or place. We don’t want some sort of negativity around us, and we do so many things because of that. We’re denying it, dissuading it and even paying too much to stop grief. We are opposed to persons and elements that offer us negativity. But too many times, in preventing such situations, we do not succeed, as much as we want to shy away from such things. But it’s not knocking on your window, it’s pressing in, knocking down the doors.
We’re not able to do that and we collapse back on our faces.

Sorrow comes with so many respects. Financial, material, man-made or natural disasters, social failure, failure to investigate, loss of dear ones, and a myriad of forms, big and small. It takes away your vitality and your peace of mind. You’re such a mess. Why lament over spilled milk, though? Why do you become a recluse or find yourself a failure? Something that is unavoidable is bound to happen, if one recognises a situation as it is and does not get confused or lie about it to others as well as oneself, then I feel half the fight is won, there is no point in cursing yourself or others about one’s situation.

I would repeat my words again that it is most important to accept a situation. Acceptance is one of those elements of one’s mind that can make you a winner, and if it isn’t there a person will end up battling, weeping, living in an imaginary world, and finally end up in a pathetic situation.

Man proposes and God disposes, as it is said. Choices that we create for the good of ourselves and our loved ones often turn out to be absolutely wrong. Such choices cause pain and division between the members of the family. Then a long chain of quarrels and a game of blame begins. These quarrels and allegations result in people damaging each other for life and thus ending the relationship in turn. But why not embrace each other the way the person is, instead of souring auspicious life relations. I’m not saying this way, there won’t be any sorrow. Hard words, demoralising words, ignorant words will harm the heart, but at least there will be acceptance of the other person’s actions and you will manage the situation better, the sorrow will teach you patience and wisdom to cope with the situation.

We are powerless at times in the face of such circumstances. Aside from tolerating them, there is nothing else we can do. We need to develop patience for such occasions, and that is too much. In India, the list is long, from waiting in long queues to traffic jams. I’m going to add a terrible supervisor to that. What is one willing to do? If the job is not so important, a queue may be left, but a jam has to be crossed on the head with a brick of ice. There is no point in continuously honking as it will just add to the noise pollution and you will be hurled at by some abuses. Similarly, one has to live with a bad boss and learn the ability to stop or retaliate with silken blows. How successfully you can tolerate your boss is up to your nature, but acknowledging his horror and the wound of your fate with him will bring you less sorrow than anything else.

Sorrow comes in several forms; a partner’s moodiness, a friend, a colleague, or even a supervisor, who passes you on a fine day with a snide joke, making you nervous and throwing you off and bringing sorrow. For whatever excuse, plans run foul and cause you too much unhappiness, a feeling of depression, a feeling of repeated failure at things, an opportunity missed, a friendship that you are looking forward to an investment or even an arrangement to spend a nice time with family.

What does one do on such occasions? Tell yourself loudly that the end of the world is not here. Stand in front of the mirror and say vehemently to yourself that nothing has gone wrong. Again the sun will rise. You’re going to climb again. Accept the situation and immediately prepare stuff for the next occasion. Do more homework this time look at loopholes and make a proposal that is airtight. Don’t fear yourself of failing. See it and bounce back as a preparatory round.
You will not see sorrow as sorrow in this way, but a path to cross and step on into a happier life that is successful.