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A letter to the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Part 1 Letter, Part 2 Action)

Part 1 : The Letter Sent to the Chief Minister

I have written this letter to The Chief Minister after analysing this real incident.

The Honorable Chief Minister

Sub : Irregularities galore in flood love relief distribution in Asansol

Respected Madam,

Trinomul congress leaders face ire of people in the front of MLA’s House. Distribution of flood relief commodities to the flood affected households,  was riddled with several gaps as could be visible from the protests and complaints from the localities.

Real Email showing the letter

With no proper survey carried out about the actual number and identification of sufferers, the distribution of relief material for flood affected people is being carried out till date. The distribution mode is in the hands of party cadres who made many irregularities as possible.

Many residents, flood affected as well as unaffected, who have not received any relief are left seething with anger.

At some locations such as Hajinagar, residents complained to MLA about it but party cadres ignored or Mr MLA has taken the matter too lightly and the cadres carried on their partiality of distribution of those commodities.

At several locations, people’s ire was directed towards the TMC leaders, who, they alleged, were getting the relief distributed to their own supporters and followers.

Majority of flood affected persons are raising questions about them not receiving any relief commodity.

In ward no 25, distribution of relief was only to few families, whereas there were more than 500 families affected by floods.

Residents of majority of flood affected areas expressed anger that the local leaders were ensuring relief only to their kin.

The local leaders, had taken their mobile phone numbers but no relief commodities were distributed among them.

Distribution had also been done at several houses which had not suffered any loss due to floods. At such locations too, the relief distribution was limited to select few, which left many others disgruntled.

Party Cadres under the condition of anonymity, refused to admit that the whole scheme for distribution of relief has been a botched up operation.

We have come to know about several instances where the genuine victims had not got any relief, but those who have not lost anything in the floods were given commodities more than what one family requires.

Conclusion :

In this area, your Image in the mind of people is so high that you are next to almighty. I too have a high degree of respect for you.
So I beg not to crush your Image due to these irresponsible cadres.

I request you shift the distribution operation to some responsible person who will be a real real real representative of your’s. Please take necessary action.

Your’s faithfully
Md Raji
West Bengal
Mb : 7865860862

Let’s see weather action is taken or not. I am going to inform you all about it after few days.

Go to page 2 to know the actions taken by The Chief Minister


Why Donald Trump Lost the Battle?

Over 70 million votes went to Donald Trump, the second highest number in American history. He has more than a 47% share of his vote nationally, and looks like he’s won 24 states, including his beloved Florida and Texas.

He has an incredible grip on large swaths of this nation, a visceral bond that has brought a near-cult-like devotion to thousands of supporters. His followers read the fine print of his presidency and clicked enthusiastically on the terms and conditions after four years in the White House.

Any evaluation of his political vulnerability in 2020 must also consider his political strength. He was defeated, however, becoming one of only four incumbents not to get another four years in the modern age. He also became the first president in consecutive elections to lose the popular vote.

In 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency partially because he was a standard-busting political outsider who was willing to say what was previously unsayable.

But in 2020, Donald Trump also lost the presidency, partially because he was a norm-busting political outsider who was willing to say what was previously unspeakable.

Though most of Trump’s base could well have voted for him if he had shot somebody on Fifth Avenue, his notorious boast of four years ago, his violent actions put off those who supported him four years ago.

In the suburbs, this was particularly true. In 373 suburban counties, Joe Biden increased the success of Hillary Clinton, helping him claw back Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin’s Rust Belt states and allowing him to gain Georgia and Arizona. With suburban people, Donald Trump has a specific issue.

We again saw what we had seen in the 2018 mid-term election in the 2020 presidential election – more highly educated Republicans, some of whom voted for Trump four years ago willing to give him a chance, felt his presidency was too unpresidential. Although they recognised he would be unorthodox, many considered the manner in which he challenged so many off-putting and sometimes insulting customs and behavioural norms.

By his aggressiveness, they were put off. His invigoration of ethnic tensions. His use of derogatory words to malign people of colour in tweets. His inability to properly denounce, on occasion, white supremacy. His shredding of the conventional allies of America and his admiration for authoritarian strongmen like Vladimir Putin.

His use of a lingua franca made him sound more like a crime lord occasionally, such as when he identified his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, as a rat” who signed a plea bargain with federal prosecutors.

Then there was what critics derided as his creeping authoritarianism, seen in his failure to acknowledge the results following the referendum.

“People are tired,” They want to see normalcy back in this country. They want to see decency. They want to see this hatred stop. They want to see this country united. And that together is going to bring Joe Biden the presidency.”In this country, they want to see normalcy back. They want to see decency. They want to stop this hatred. They want to see this country united. And the presidency will be brought together by Joe Biden.

A political challenge for Trump was that, outside his core Trump base, he struggled to broaden his popularity. He did not try hard to do so either. He won 30 states in 2016 and sometimes ruled as if he were merely the president of a populist, red America. He has made no effort to court blue America, the 20 states that voted for Hillary Clinton, as the most intentionally divisive president of the past 100 years.

Many people, after four stressful years, just wanted a presidency they might have in the background — a White House occupant who might act more conventionally. The infantile name-calling, the ugly words and the ceaseless confrontation had tired of them. They wanted a return to normalcy of some kind.

But the election in 2020 was not a re-run of the election in 2016. He was the incumbent this time, not the revolutionary. He had a record to protect, including his mishandling of an epidemic of coronavirus that had killed more than 230,000 Americans by Election Day. He was not pitted against a hate figure like Hillary Clinton in this period of negative partisanship, where politics is mostly guided by the opposition’s loathing.

The question of why Trump lost the presidency also turns to a question that is more important and arguable – when did he lose the presidency?

It was obvious at the sunset of his first full day that Trump would want to change his presidency more than the presidency would change him.

Was it in the immediate aftermath of his win in 2016 that there were instant misgivings among people who had voted for Trump partly as a protest vote against the Washington political establishment? Many of those voters never expected him to win at all.

It was hard to demonise Joe Biden in the first 24 hours of his presidency, which is partly why the Democratic establishment was so intent on getting him as its presidential candidate. This 77-year-old centrist, who was to claw back white working class voters in the Rust Belt, also undertook the job he was hired to do.

Were there instant misgivings among people who had voted for Trump partly as a protest vote against the Washington political establishment in the immediate aftermath of his win in 2016? Many of those voters never expected that he would win at all. Before he ran about the crowd size and promised to continue using Twitter, he delivered his “American Carnage” inaugural address, which portrayed the country as a near dystopia of shuttered factories, left-behind workers and wealth “ripped” from middle-class homes. It had become clear at the sundown of his first full day in office that Donald Trump would seek to change the presidency more than he had been changed by the presidency.

Was it more cumulative, the effect of so many scandals on the snowball, so many slurs, so much turn-over of personnel, and so much chaos?

Or was it the major crisis that engulfed his presidency as a result of the coronavirus? Trump’s critical political signs were high before the virus arrived on these shores. He survived the impeachment hearings. His approval ratings matched the highest level of 49%. He could boast of a healthy economy and the power of incumbency: the twin factors that typically guarantee a second term for a sitting president. Presidential elections are always based on a single question: is the nation better off now than it was four years ago? It became virtually impossible to make the case after Covid struck, and the economic crisis that ensued.

But it is incorrect to assume that the coronavirus has ultimately doomed the Trump presidency. Sometimes, Presidents emerge stronger from national convulsions. Sometimes, disasters will bring forth excellence. That was true of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose Great Depression rescue of America made him politically unassailable. The initial response of George W Bush to the September 11 attacks also boosted his popularity, and helped him secure a second term. But it was by no means preordained that Donald Trump will be done with Covid. It was his botched handling of the crisis that led to his decline.

Once again, it should be noted that Donald Trump remained politically viable until the end, facing the nation’s greatest public health crisis in more than a hundred years, the largest economic crisis since the 1930s, and also the most intense ethnic turmoil since the late 1960s.

Most of Red America will yearn for his return, and much of the conservative movement he has come to control. For years to come, he will continue to be the dominating figure of the conservative movement. Trumpism might end up having the same transformative impact as Reaganism on American conservatism.

A highly polarising figure will remain the outgoing president, and may run again in 2024. These disunited states have not unexpectedly become united again not least because so many Americans, ranging from loyalty to abject hatred, would harbour such distinct feelings towards Trump.

The nation has definitely not heard or seen the last of its history’s most unorthodox leaders.

Violation of Democratic Norms

It’s been days since the call for Democrat Joe Biden was made for the White House election, but Donald Trump has yet to acknowledge or display any signs of accepting his loss.

Alternatively, he makes unproven accusations of systematic voter fraud, which he believes to have tipped the race to Biden.

However, the maths are overwhelming-he trails in some states by tens of thousands of votes he will have to reverse in order to succeed. It is seen by most as a lost cause.

Trump’s stance is sending tremors across the nation in violation of democratic norms and practises, as elected officials and American voters respond to a situation that still travels uncharted territory while telegraphed for months in advance.

Why Arnab Goswami is behaving like this?

The court decorum and Arnab Goswami are mandatory through an editor-in – chief of the Republic T.V. media channel. That’s no exception. The manner in which he acted as if he were above the law or first among equals; the right enjoyed only by the head of a state; a person of the stature of Arnab Goswami seems a little too eccentric and unexpected. The editor-in – chief seems to have overlooked, or he is pretending to be an anarchist, the difference between a public dais and a courtroom. It is very disappointing to see Arnab ‘s conduct, who is trying to use the arrest as a basis for attracting political mileage and creating a social order disruption. There has been enough poison spread throughout and, sadly, as a state that has always been progressive, Maharashtra is being disrupted and the state governments have been very professional in their approach to investors and industrialists.

The state capital of Mumbai happens to be the country’s commercial capital, and disrupting peace in such a state does not in any way demonstrate prudence and understanding.
However, while the action taken by the government of the state and the police department was very stern, that was maybe the need for the hour. It was very shameful how the entire state government, which also includes the police force, was being attacked and verbal venom was hurled at the Mumbai police commissioner. The required action against the other trouble / mischief mongers who have also been disrupting the peace within the state must now be taken. If not exceptional, the performance of the Uddhav Thackeray government has been quite satisfactory, although there is scope for more changes for which they have another four years remaining, so they can strengthen their function as a state government if they are permitted to build unwarranted obstacles and not disrupted by them.

The pain faced by the state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party is that, while they had secured the largest number of seats, they were unable to form the state government after the legislative assembly elections. Of course, this is a matter of discussion and debate as to why the Bharatiya Janata Party could not carry forward with the alliance they had with the Shiv Sena and had to part ways. What needs to be acknowledged is that the Bharatiya Janata Party was unable to prove its majority on the floor of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, which the Shiv Sena was able to prove with the support of the Indian National Congress and National Congress Party. There are reasons behind the help offered by the Indian National Congress and National Congress Party to the Shiv Sena that are established facts that can be understood by any sensible individual.

This electoral bribery, handled along with the Indian National Congress and National Congress Party by the Shiv Sena Maha Aghadi alliance, was the heavy political punch delivered on the jaw of the Bharatiya Janata Party with which they were unable to come to terms. In this counterattack, Arnab Goswami, Kangana Ranaut, Suman Pandey, Mamta Kale and a few others were foot soldiers.

Particularly in the Indian ethos, where freedom was often gained on the basis of the so-called ‘golden principle’ of ‘Ahimsa’ and passive resistance, anarchy and agitations carried out seem very democratic. In India ‘s democracy, this has now become the order of the day, although it may not be justified on every occasion. In this regard, Chakravarthy Rajagopalachari [Rajaji] expressed his anxiety, which may have gone unnoticed during the days of the freedom struggle, but the realisation of the desired after-effects comes with the passage of time. In the district court of Alibaug, where the district magistrate had to warn him to respect the integrity of the institution, Arnab attempted to interrupt the decorum.

Questions mooted with regard to the reopening of the suicide case of Anvay Naik and his mother Kumud Naik are not based on the fact that the Supreme Court of India has issued a number of rulings pursuant to Section 173(8) CrPC which permit the reopening of such cases, subject to the receipt of more appropriate and tangible evidence for which it is not necessary to seek the consent of any court. The police department in the state is therefore justified in its action taken, for which the hullaballoo does not seem to be quite fair or mature. The police department as an agency is well acquainted with the legal principles laid down by the Indian Penal Code [IPC], the Criminal Procedural Code [CrPC] and the Indian Constitution, as the action taken was definitely not spontaneous or sporadic.

The arrest of Arnab Goswami has resulted in the entire chain of events that have taken place since the sceptical death of Sushant Singh Rajput, followed by the assault on Bollywood celebrities and the role of drugs in the entertainment industry and the snarls and groans of modern India’s neo-social reformers, culminating in disrupting the social balance in the state of Maharashtra. He seems to have overlooked the decorum that the court wants to uphold and his lectures on organisational behaviour need to be updated. People who followed Arnab like a pack of wolves and hyenas should avoid their howls and vicious laughter now, because they were unable to laugh the last time.

“Nitish Kumar Will Be Chief Minister of Bihar.” BJP

Of Bihar’s 243 seats, the BJP won 74, bringing the NDA’s tally past the majority level, while Janata Dal United of Nitish Kumar was limited to 43.

There is no question of replacing Nitish Kumar as Bihar’s chief minister, the BJP said today, the day after its ally’s first one-up in state elections.
Of Bihar’s 243 seats, the BJP won 74, bringing the NDA’s tally past the majority level, while Janata Dal United of Nitish Kumar was limited to 43.

There have been concerns about the top job with Nitish Kumar losing Big Brother status in Bihar and the BJP gaining an upper hand for the first time in a state where it has never had a Chief Minister.

As it was our commitment, Nitishji will remain Chief Minister. There is no confusion about this, “Sushil Kumar Modi of the BJP and Deputy Chief Minister said today.”

He said, in an election, “some win more and some win less.” “But we are equal partners,” said Sushil Modi.

The BJP has never ruled Bihar on its own and, without Nitish Kumar, could not have held power in the state. But the findings give power to the BJP. Sources suggest the balance of power is likely to be different in Nitish Kumar’s fourth term.

The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) of Chirag Paswan ended up with only one seat, but in all the others it challenged, it ate into the JDU votes, causing its tally to drop from 2015. Throughout this election, there has been talk that Chirag Paswan ‘s rebellion against Nitish Kumar had the blessings of the BJP. Many yesterday assessed that for the BJP, Junior Paswan, whose father Ram Vilas Paswan was a minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had come through and helped diminish Nitish Kumar ‘s position.

Chirag Paswan himself said today: “Yes, I too would like to win as many seats as possible, like all parties, but my goal for these elections was to ensure that the BJP emerges in the state as a stronger party and we are pleased with the effect we have had.” Before that, the LJP leader had always said that Nitish Kumar ‘s defeat was his main goal.

With Chirag Paswan, the BJP has strongly rejected any hidden perception. Sushil Modi agreed that Janata Dal United candidates in more than 20 seats were harmed by the LJP. But he said: “We would have to take a call if he stays in the central leadership of the NDA, but he’s not part of the NDA in Bihar.”

“Nitish Kumar is our chief minister, there is no question of a rethink, there is no question of a junior or senior partner in an alliance,” added the BJP’s Bihar chief, Sanjay Jaiswal.