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My name is Md Raji and I’m the founder of Sur O Sargam and My Solution Consultancy Services. I’ve always been passionate about singing, learning music and motivating myself and others. Now I think I am enough experienced to teach different classes of music including Indian classical and light music. This blog along with my YouTube channel Sur O Sargam will help and encourage those students who eagerly want to learn music but unable to do so due to lack of resources. So let's together enrich our different talents inside us and motivate ourselves to do magical things in the world.

Is There Any Magical Success Recipe ?

The biggest secret of success is that there are no secrets about it.

The successful individuals and the direction they have taken to achieve success are known to all.

Yet by following their course, no one can become successful.

There is no magical success recipe that anyone should use to achieve success in life.

If you examine two effective persons, you will discover two distinct success routes.

If you had to analyse 10, you’d get 10 routes.

Let ‘s look at the examples of the leaders who were India’s PM.

Narendra Modi: Grand Orator, Violent, Maker of Quick Decisions.

Manmohan Singh: Talks less, submissive, makes few choices

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Fantastic, affable orator, team man, team man

They all have different attributes and they achieved success in their own way.

In the same way, you can find every great writer, sportsman, businessman carving their own path to success.

If you follow any of them, you are most likely to fail in life because

No two people have same abilities, aptitude and talents

No two people face the same people and the world

No two people can use the same formula for success

You have to design your own success based on your own aspirations, abilities and the need of the world.

Just like there has never been a person like you in the world, there can also be no readymade formula of success made for you.

You can draw inspiration from every successful person, but you have to carve out your own path of success in life.


How to be successful in setting goal in a different strategy?

In short, goal setting is just a process of dreaming and planning of one’s preferred future, and encouraging and empowering oneself to turn the dream into a reality with the help of a systematic game plan.

In the corporate / business world, we call it “strategic visionising”!

I want to share with you at this juncture a basic execution model for setting goals and achieving goals, which I have had the wonderful opportunity to test and fine-tune the road:

1) First and foremost, by exploring these issues, you know exactly what you want, and why you want them, in terms of persuasive, encouraging and over-arching long-range objectives and goals:

A) What would I want to be?

B) What would I want to do?

C) What would I like to have?

D) What would I like to improve on?

E) What would I like to change?

In conjunction with the following main aspects of life in your life:

I scholarly pursuit;

(ii) psychic development;

Iii) expectations for a career;

iv) physical fitness;

V) prosperity in financial terms;

Vi) relationships in the family (including romance);

Vii) social networking operations;

Viii) leisure activities (including hobbies, passions, games, holidays, etc.);

Ix) spiritual growth (including social contributions, volunteering etc.);

x) enterprising side-gigs, if any;

Take your time, just as you think about your future!

2) Convert all your long-range objectives and goals in (1) after completion of (1) into relevant, prioritised and executable tasks that you need to perform daily , weekly , monthly, quarterly, and even annually;

The cornerstone of your systematic game plan is this initiative!

3) Figure out the starting point, end point and the developmental course of transition points in between, with the end in mind as formulated in (1 ) and ( 2);

You can now factor in whatever learning programme / study plan / side-gig project plan you have in mind at this stage!

4) Define particular tasks that you need to perform before the endpoint at each transition point;

5) To assess your success or milestone milestones, create metrics;

6) Delegate and assign personal responsibility, as such tasks can need to be shared, such as, if any, with team members;

7) Define and marshal resources that are needed to accomplish all the work;

Money; Methods; Men; Machines; Materials; Metrics; and Mojo![I like to call them the 7 M’s. ]

8) Schedule a schedule for each predefined task to be completed;

9) As you drive on the Highway of Life, illustrate possible issues or obstacles that can arise;

10) Brainstorm a variety of potential methods with which to deal (9);

The findings of your brainstorming will form the basis of your strategy for contingency.

11) Institute some sort of framework to map, monitor and track your forward trajectory, such as a visual Pert Chart, as set out in your systematic game plan, in accordance with all the essential elements from (4) to (10);

12) Massive follow-up and continuous monitoring of the systematic game plan;

13) Bring intensive effort and concentrated execution into your sweat equity;

14) Keep focused on your strategic goals, but be versatile in your tactical implementation.

How to be Successful in Life with Confidence?

Have you ever felt that if you boost your faith, you would have more opportunities and a happier life?

Self-confidence means being confident of your own worth, skill, and strength, irrespective of your situation.

Your performance level in life is directly proportional to your trust and self-belief levels.

Actually, not everyone who was born would look at life with faith. We all have those flaws that make us self-deprecating, but everything can really be solved. You can develop your trust if you know how to do it step by step, which makes you become more desirable and opportunities will come naturally.

To really be SELF-CONFIDENT, apply the following Solutions in life.

1. Learn how compliments are acknowledged


When getting compliments, everybody has a different reaction. Some are glad to embrace it, some are arrogant, but some are humiliated.

Shame is not the best thing to do out of all three responses, since it reveals that you are a person who is less confident in yourself, and does not even value the other person’s opinion.

So when you get a compliment, instead of rejecting it, simply smile and say, “Oh, thank you.” Don’t think people are flattering you, believe you have some beliefs, and you’re going to feel more secure.

2. Don’t set goals beyond your means

Goal setting : Click to read more…

You have a tight schedule: 50 calls, 20 meetings with clients, 30 readable manuscripts and hundreds of responsive emails. And what are you seeing? If the job is not performed very well, it will definitely be disappointing.

Actually, no one is flawless, and you set a schedule that can hardly be done well by even the most perfect person.

You would almost definitely get more anxious when making an untouchable strategy.So don’t set targets that are beyond your means, and while you work, take a few minutes to relax.

3. Learn how to keep contact with the eye

Eye contact

The eye is a location where exceptional knowledge can be transmitted. You can catch the emotions of the other person very easily through eye contact. A person will try to avoid the opposite individual’s eyes, to conceal the fact that they are lying.

Generally, avoiding eyes while speaking primarily indicates a lack of self-confidence. So, the best way to gain confidence from the other person is to maintain eye contact.

4. When walking, always keep your back straight,

Keeping back straight and walking

Straight back, airy movements, steady steps-all signs of a person who is confident.

So stop the bent back at all costs and have to look down when walking. There has been research showing that having a confident body language will decrease the level of stress of a individual. And, obviously, your life will be much more enjoyable because there is less tension.

5. Find the best answer for nervousness

Nervousness , click to read more on confidence

Have you ever, in your opinion, spoken to yourself? Actually, everybody is — this is almost definitely something that is — but not everyone can manage it. Since interactions with yourself can contribute to negative thoughts.

Try another way, however. Try thinking about why you feel anxious instead of thinking negatively? Write down all potential triggers, then ask yourself if they really are precise? Are they confident it will happen?

You will understand that most of the negative things that you think about are irrelevant after doing the above steps. What are you worried about, then?

6. Mark your own accomplishments

Enjoying for her own accomplishments, click to read more

You can start by marking what you have done throughout the day if you want to feel more optimistic. Not only the big stuff, but there are also some influences on the little things. For instance, “reading 10 pages of a novel” or “memorising 20 new words” or even … “Breakfast” (if you want to create a healthier life).

7. Chatting with foreigners

Chatting with the foreigner

Seeking opportunities to talk to people you meet in your life (but don’t know them) is a perfect way to practise talking. From a cashier, a taxi driver on a motorbike, or a bakery man in a pub … With them, be friendly. Not everybody likes to chat, of course, so if you feel the other person looks awkward, refrain.

Also, go to a band, a bar that you don’t know, and begin to practise conversation if you want to learn to connect at a higher level. You’ll find things getting more interesting, and more optimistic, in particular.

8.Offer to assist

Offering help, click to read how to attract

This is a real trick, as it’s based on the fact that we all want to feel respected. Anyone would feel better knowing that others had enough respect to rely on, but unfortunately, very few individuals were willing to ask for or support others willingly.

So it will make you feel more valuable and helpful to offer your own help, so you can no longer feel vulnerable and lonely.

9. No more wasting time on social media

Say no to social media

Social networking is very easy, but it brings several drawbacks as well. You prefer to look at pictures of other people and compare them to your own … Wretched life, and, of course, let your confidence go down.

In fact, it should be understood that the position where there is an underlying rivalry between users is social networking, to see who is more successful. People would then decide to post the most stunning, spectacular, flashiest, and most believable videos.

Key Take Aways

Apply the following solutions in life to be fully SELF-CONFIDENTT.

1. Learn how compliments are acknowledged

2. Don’t set goals beyond your means

3. Learn how to keep contact with the eye

4. When walking, always keep your back straight,

5. Find the best answer for nervousness

6. Mark your own accomplishments

7. Chatting with foreigners

8.Offer to assist

9. No more wasting time on social media

How to be Successful with Ease?

Common Views of Motivational Speakers and Writers

Everybody in life wants to succeed. For others, success implies achieving whatever they want or dream. It is the name, fame, and social status for many. It is success, whatever the meaning of success, that makes a man famous. All great men have flourished. For their wonderful successes, they are remembered. But it is certain that those who are genuine, hardworking, trustworthy and dedicated to their goals are successful.

Success was man’s biggest inspiration. It’s really important to everybody. Success has a wonderful influence on life. This brings happiness and pride. It offers a feeling of fullness. This implies all-around development. In life, everyone hopes to be good. However, success smiles on those with a proper strategy, preparation, vision and resilience. It is bound to bear fruit for a fair and timely implementation of all these items. Without cultivating these certain basic things in life, one can not be successful.

Without understanding one’s aims and purposes, it is very difficult to set out on a journey. To succeed in life, clarification of the aim is a must. It is certain that a focused approach to proper planning will bring success. Indecision and insincerity are major barriers to the path to success. To turn one’s dreams into reality, one should have the desire, capacity and resources.

Pure ambition can’t bring success for you.The desire must be balanced against variables such as capacity and wealth. This is the fundamental prerequisite for success. The eagerness, seriousness and the desire to be good are the next important thing. It is the guiding force that defines achievement. It is the first step on the performance ladder.

In all of one ‘s honesty and ambition, one must follow one ‘s goals. One should be in good spirit at all times. Lack of such a spirit leads to a complex of inferiority that is a major barrier on the road to success. Often, time is a determining factor. In life, only the punctual and dedicated have succeeded.

Examples of this are the lives of great men. They had plenty of all these attributes that helped them climb to the height of success. One of the fundamental demands of success is hard labour. No replacement for hard labour exists. It can take one to the height of success alone. There is a ratio of five percent motivation and ninety-five percent perspiration for every achievement.

In achieving success, it is patience, determination and perseverance that play a decisive role. Since they are our stepping-stones, failures are the foundations of success and we must get up and start again and be inspired and so on ……..

How to succeed by motivational speakers.

A Practically Feasible Technique

Is it practically feasible to maintain everything?

Now ask yourself the following questions.

  1. To whom does success definitely come from?
  2. What are the fundamental things we need in life to achieve success?
  3. What did great men have to hit the height of success in abundance?
  4. What is the only essential performance requirement?
  5. How the foundations of success become failures?

I am sure you would be completely puzzled about how to achieve success after addressing the above questions to yourself. To succeed, how many conditions do you have to recall all day long? Is it actually possible to remember all and apply all the laws of performance?
Ok, without remembering something, I ‘m suggesting a way to succeed. You will immediately incorporate all the points to succeed.

1. Searching For An Easy Task That You Can Do.

I really love to sing. I’m a very good bathroom singer. It’s a job that I love to do.
You need to have great knowledge about music to become a great singer. Do you have any knowledge of music? Are you practising the art of singing from childhood? If not, then it’s not an easy task that you can do.
You have to choose the work you’ve been performing unknowingly since childhood. This would be an easy and effortless piece of work that you can do.
Just a little explanation.
You’ve been writing since childhood. Then write your blog.
You’ve got a habit of maintaining good social relations. You can then start network marketing or become an LIC agent.
You’re very strong on a certain subject. You can start to teach. You can write a blog, make videos on YouTube, take online classes, or start teaching at home.
These are examples of easy tasks that you can do.

2.Regular Work Development For at Least 1 Year or Preferably 5 Years / Lifetime

Buy a new diary on the market. Name the diary, “How do I develop?” Write down the possible ways to improve your business every night before you sleep. From day one, think that whatever you do is a business, and you have to develop that business. Implement your ideas to develop your business.

Now, go back to the market and buy a pocket diary. You’re supposed to carry the pocket diary and the pen, 24 hours a day. Any new idea that comes into your mind regarding the development of your business, immediately write a single sentence of that idea in that pocket diary. The night before you sleep, transfer the idea from the pocket diary to the main diary.

Remember, just noting different ideas isn’t going to help you, it’s putting the idea into real work that would promote your business.

3. Don’t Neglect

Practically speaking, nobody can fix their routine and follow it perfectly every day.
Keep in mind that I’m never going to neglect my real job. Before you go to bed at night, write down the tasks to be completed on the next day. You should have a high level of commitment to complete these tasks.
You can use different apps to keep yourself up to date, but I recommend you to write it in your own handwriting. So I’m going to ask you again to go to the market and buy a new diary to keep your daily mission going.

I’m thinking of asking the readers, will this technique work? Please write to the comment box.

How to be Confident like Successful People?

What kind of stuff is the mindset?

Offer a really poor man with 1 million dollars. After a few years, you will know that this guy is in the grip of poverty again.
If a self-made millionaire is totally bankrupt, then you’ll see, in a few years, that he’s a millionaire again.
That’s the magic of attitude. Whatever plans you make, it doesn’t really matter what you do, but if you retain the mentality of an creative and highly efficient person, then you are sure to succeed. Yeah, the reverse is true again.

Mindset is a mechanism of continual thought that becomes an individual’s habit. In every individual who creates his identity, this process is an inbuilt characteristic. “Now ask yourself,” Can I change my identity? Do I have the power to change my habits? Do I have the ability to show the best version of myself to the world? Can I change my mind set, like that of an effective creator, with sincere efforts?
If “Yes, I have no doubt about it” is the answer to all 4 questions, then read the full article otherwise don’t waste your time.

Extremely Competitive Individuals’ Mindset

I have divided the mindsets in 2 parts

Mindset Essential

Mindset Common

More valuable than the Common mindset is the essential mindset. But all components should be given equal consideration.

Mindset Essential

In the near future, if one keeps these mindsets for at least one year, he will become a remarkable hero. This is why essential mindsets are so crucial.

Mindset 1: Development And Progress

Instead of evaluating relationships in terms of losses and successes, implement them in an positive way. You’re going to have challenges and obstacles. Recognize that all of them will help you to grow and develop.

Continuous Growth Process

If you are not in a development mindset, you possibly have a fixed outlook that is dangerous, because this will ultimately cover your ability to acknowledge new achievements. A fixed mindset is when people believe that their fundamental qualities are only fixed features, intelligence, talents and abilities.

With an attitude of development , people believe that their talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience and mentoring, and they push their own path and get it.

How to be confident like millionaire and successful people?

Mind set 2: Risk Taking And Quitting The Comfort Zone

Be doing something entirely out of your comfort zone and your mind becomes softer. You will learn to move to new heights in turn. There is also a stagnant mentality among those who don’t get out of their comfort zone.

A failure to take risks stops you from moving forward and you are slowly getting rid of it.

People who enjoy living in their comfort zone are afraid of mistakes. They fear that they’ll tarnish their credibility.

Mindset 3: Adopting And Getting On With Failures

Your failures will benefit from some of the risks you take. A blunder can also be a wonderful blessing, as you can use your mistake to jump to something new.

But if we forget the guidance for too long or fail to comprehend the message and do something, that’s when we get our greatest life lesson. The world is reminding us of the gentle things we have to do.

Instead of trying to hide or make excuses, be mindful of what you can gain from these experiences as you proceed.

Mindset 4: Turn Away The Negative Stuff And Trigger The Positive Ones

Generally speaking, you mirror the traits of the people you’re with. You are, on average, the five people you spend the most time with.
Similarly, the logic reflects the facts you have. That is why it is important to fuel the mind with positive information on a regular basis.
You can’t avoid the entrance of negative people into your life, however you can overlook or disregard them.
You have to have positive influences, above all, that will help you live your best life and become your best self.

Mindset 5 : Curiosity To Accumulate More Information

No matter what your level of education is, you can never stop learning. A thirst for knowledge and a lifelong quest can never be quenched.

To look beyond what lies before you and figure out what you are really able to do and to keep yourself in a growing mindset, it is vital to have constant curiosity.

Honestly, I can tell that there is never enough experience in life to alleviate my hunger to understand, have and be more than I am now.

Mindset 6: Rather than Short Vision, Think Big Vision

How to be successful by definite vision?

Highly active individuals are always terrific. They would not take on tiny jobs. They want to go to long-term companies that take time to complete but are impressive in terms of returns. Thinking big helps them stay optimistic and encourages them to be an excellent leader.
The bigger you think, the more you’ll earn.

Mindset 7 : Peak Efficiency, Not Perfection

While a noble cause appears to be the pursuit of excellence, perfectionism can affect both individuals and the groups in which it works.

If you have values and ambitions to achieve perfection in just one aspect of your life, it is time to begin embracing the feeling of “near enough is good enough.”

It might be high time to meet with a therapist to evaluate whether your perfectionist trends hinder your progress towards achievement if you find it hard to get away from it. There is also a risk that your colleagues and the business you work for might be incorrect.

Mindset 8: Skill Of Positive Communication

You can wonder how, in your personal life, a business attitude can help you succeed. Smart marketing, networking, effective communication of your priorities with the right people, taking advantage of opportunities and risk management are activities that can significantly speed you up in order to achieve your goals.
Commit to discussing different methods of accommodating people and schedules. Share your dream that you are now able to accomplish with your mates. Be open to opportunities. And you can have one of your friends ready for a fast escape with a strategic call if you feel anxious.

Mindset 9 : Setting And Accomplishing Goals

How to be successful by setting goals?

Goal-setting is not just a matter of setting a goal to reach and a deadline as to when you can reach it. It requires well-researched, planned, inspired, measured and resource-based thinking and action.

A sound understanding of emotional, personal satisfaction is a good way of setting your goal.

Knowing what the success metrics mean and educating you about them is important. If you don’t understand why you’re pursuing those goals, and even worse, if those reasons aren’t really your own, you risk going down a path that you’re going to come to know that doesn’t give you any personal gratification or emotional enlightenment.

Mindset 10 : Really Prompt And Energetic

When you feel low on energy and forget to work out for a little while, your enthusiasm and positivity wanes, which in turn allows negative thoughts to take root.

Owing to this negative feeling, you lose your vitality, and you are much less likely to attract all the positive things, people and opportunities you want from existence.

Energy equals momentum, which is particularly important in industry. It’s about having the motivation and energy to control your daily duties.

Physical exercise and positive thinking assist with that, and give you a constant infusion of ‘feel-good’ endorphins. It all helps make it easier for you to incorporate constructive situations into your life.

Mindset Common

These qualities are often naturally possessed by many people. But they don’t know how and when to properly use these characteristics.

Mindset 1 : Time Leverage

Successful people perfectly control time. The most important job will be handled by them. Some works are conducted by others, and he pays others for that. He himself does the work that will get him closer to his target. They are the masters of this leveraging strategy. No one can more efficiently do the job they choose than they can. This gives them more time to concentrate on the task that is most important.

Mindset 2 : Always Up To Date

Pending work is also despised by incredibly successful people. If there is a job left unfinished, they will have more work and time to complete the mission. Day and night, they would do the hard work to achieve the goal.

Mindset 3 : Give Others Respect And Honour For Their Accomplishments

Another crucial factor is that we cultivate respect and are genuinely thankful for other people ‘s accomplishments.
Recognizing and celebrating others’ successes will help you shirk feelings of bitterness or sadness and encourage you to think about the positive things you have accomplished.
In your life, you can’t get what you resent. Therefore, whether you’re angry or angry at others’ success, then you can’t achieve the amount of success you want.

Mindset 4 : Physical and Mental Healthyness

Don’t underestimate the importance of both physical and mental agility. Embracing both, as they work together to keep you alert and focused.

Being fit and healthy creates more hope than negative thinking and inspires you to take the daily steps required to achieve your goals.

How to be successful in attracting health, healing and fitness?

What I mean by that is, by staying fit and safe, you have infinite energy and passion for life, and act in a more loving way.

Mindset 5 : Senses of Urgency

A high degree of sense of urgency is available to successful individuals. They are also in a hurry to complete the mission as soon as possible. They want to finish the current task and then move on to the other one really quickly. It is for this reason that they are distinct from others.

How to Make Easy Plans to be Successful?

I hope you’re going to agree with me that many individuals spend their whole lives wondering how to be successful in life, but never find it out.

Will you be shocked to find out that six primary areas really make up the secret?

You see, for someone who follows the six fields, or secret for success as I name them, personal success is achievable.

Everyone wants personal success and the keys to success is to be discovered. Everyone wants to have a safe, happy life, do meaningful work, enjoy a career, and achieve financial freedom. In the world, everybody wants to make a difference, to be important, to have a beneficial effect on those around him or her. Everyone wants to make his or her life wonderful.

How to be successful in life? Step by step guide
Success is not a matter of chance

Fortunately, personal achievement is not a matter of chance, intellect, or indigenous capacity for most of us. Our relatives, friends, or connexions are not the ones that allow us to do extraordinary things. Instead, our desire to get the very best out of ourselves in almost all conditions and situations is the secret to success in life. It is your capacity to adjust to our life and improve it.

Right now, you have deep reservoirs of talent and skill inside you that, if properly harnessed and channelled, will enable you to achieve incredible things in your life.

How to be confident like successful people?

6 parameters that decides success

The great keys to success in transforming your life are still the same.

1. Have a strong vision

Define what you want, and where you want to go, exactly.

2. Remove all alternative choices

Don’t make a second choice, that if I fail I will shift myself to something else. This will de-focus you from your goal and you are not going to achieve anything. Stick to your goal in all conditions.

3. Split your goal into achievable milestones

Schedule yearly, half yearly, quarterly monthly, weekly and daily goal. Among them, daily gold is the most important goal. If you succeed in achieving daily goal everyday, then you will succeed in achieving all the goals. Always remember, only a dream with a deadline is a goal.

Ask yourself, am I be able to achieve my daily goals everyday ? If answer is yes then proceed, success is certain for you. If answer is no or you have doubt in your mind then it is better to forget your goal and stay in your comfort zone.

4. Creating a routine and following it is compulsory

Routine is different from daily goal setting. Routine is timing your work schedule according to everyday need. Fix routine and compel yourself to accomplish your daily target in that time frame with high degree of dedication and commitment.

5. Remove all distractions and ignore negative people

If anyone says you can’t do it. Ignore it and carry on with your task towords your goal. You can remove distractions or disturbances but you can’t remove negative people from your life. The negative people may be your own relatives or friends. Don’t expect anyone to motivate you but you have to be self motivated.

6. Focus on growth and improvement by do your best strategy

Take your strategy into action; do your best to step towards your target every day. You have to keep focus on how to grow and how to improve in terms of quality and quantity. Stretch yourself to devote more time and energy with a sense of urgency to grow faster.

Regular reading books, articles, blogs attending seminar, training program, developing a skill and seeking help from knowledgeable person in your field will help you to grow faster.

Six Secrets Revealed


This formula is the secret to achievement and has succeeded for almost everyone who has ever attempted it. The very best you can offer and the best qualities you can build will require it. You will evolve and grow to become an exceptional individual by developing and practising these keys to personal success.

How to be successful in problem solving?

Do you believe that every problem has a solution ? 50% of  the answers to every question is hidden in the question itself, similarly 90% of every problem’s solution is hidden in the problem itself. Our life will become dull without any challenges. A person having no problem creates new problem to make his life interesting. Our brain is always ready face new challenges but we people don’t understand and hates the problem. New problem creates new opportunities, so we should not run away from the problem but we have to boldly face and solve it.

How a Big Problem Arises?

Every person makes a mistake but few people rectify their mistakes. These small mistakes made by us transform itself to a major big problem. These small mistakes should be rectified immediately as numerous small mistakes add up to make a big problem.

How to be calm and peaceful with ease?

Why this Happens?

We people are egoistic minded. We will never accept our mistakes but we love to blame others for our own mistakes. Instead of rectifying our mistakes we start quarrelling with others and make the the matter more complicated. Day by day this complications multiply and becomes a big problem. If you accept the truth and try to solve the problem, then it will vanish like a magic.

The Choice is Yours

Our brain is always restless. It has a tendency to function 24 hours a day. But our Brain’s function is aligned with our five senses. If you keep the five senses busy in doing something important, then it won’t wander here and there or search new problems. But how long? On an average we sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours a day. Remaining 8 hours we release our brain to search new challenges, either to make our life great or to make our life miserable. The choice remains at our own hands.

Now, let’s begin.
There are two kinds of problems in our life

1.Temporary problems

2. Apparently permanent problems

1. How to solve a temporary problem?

What do you want? Do you want the world to control you? or you want to control the whole world? If you have the will to control the world then read the Dale Carnegie’s book “How to win friends and influence people” for better understanding. There you’ll find if you appreciate and acknowledge someone, he will surely favour you. The formula is simple, what you give to the world, you will get back. Instead of doing this, we criticize and condemn others and lose control over the world. This leads to rise of a temporary problem.

Mainly temporary problems are relationship complexities, minor health issues or financial crisis. We avoid to take responsibility. If you think “whatever is happening is due to my good deeds or my mistakes” then 90% of your temporary problem will end. You can’t change others but you can change yourself immediately and now. If you send positive vibrations, through your thoughts and behaviours, to others, then it will return to you in multiple fashions. In today’s world, we all are running to catch the false prestige and show off. We want to treat others as if they are are inferior to us. This egoistic feeling makes everything complicated.

Always remember, “Every problem is due to my own unseen mistakes of past and right now I am taking the responsibility to rectify it.”

Do not considered the matter emotionally or too seriously. Think that ” it is a game and I am making strategies to win this game. I am certain to succeed.”

Strategies of success
How to be successful in life?

A practical way to to solve problems

a) Identify the Game

Take a piece of paper and write

1. I am taking full responsibility to solve the problem.

2. The problem is…….

3. What are the 4 possible ways to solve the problem?

a) ……

b) ……

c) ……

d) ……

4. Can I share the matter to anyone who can help me to solve the puzzle ?

Name of the person / persons …..

5. What books and articles should I refer to dissolve the issue?

Google search result …………..

Name of the books and articles ………

Read those books and articles in detail.

6. Write the deadline when you want to to win this game

Possible date to win the game ……………….

Remember : Don’t write the reason why the problem has arisen as your mindset is solution oriented rather than problem oriented. In other words, focus on the solution not the problem.

b) Creating a Game Plan

Create a game plan according to the priorities. Write the steps you are are going to take one after the other. Don’t do the the task randomly, prioritise it and then start. Every night just before you sleep, create a daily mission list for making the next day a great and fulfilling day.

c) Taking Action According to the Game Plan

Simply planning a project won’t help you. You have to take charge of the game plan you have prepared. Don’t wait for the right moment to come as it will never come. Start taking action right now as tomorrow never comes.

Highly confident man
How to be confident like highly successful people?
c) How to solve Apparently Permanent problems?

Nothing is permanent in this world. We consider a problem as a permanent when we realise that this problem will take time and patience to solve it. Never forget that every problem has a solution. Time is a powerful ointment for our emotional and physical wounds. Some apparently permanent problems vanishes automatically as the time passes away.

We have the habit of naming the apparently permanent problem as Big problem. Our thought process will define our destiny, so never consider any problem as big. You have to think in a different way, that “the life has  challenged me but I am ultimately going to win this challenge. I will make great strategies to succeed over the crisis. I have the ability to solve any challenges of my life.” This mindset is capable of solving any issues of your life.

If the challenges are big, then its outcomes too would be big. This life throws challenges upon us. If it is a big challenge then the life expects more from us to give more to us. You are lucky that the life is forcing you to be more competitive and strong, emotionally as well as physically. So apparently permanent problems are good for us if we initiate ourselves to solve it with full commitment and dedication.

Solve the apparently permanent problems with the help of rules mentioned above – “A practical way to solve problems.” Or “Read Continuous Growth Process” in detail

How to be successful quickly?

Do you want to be successful quicker than anybody else? Yeah, you can do that by emerging innovations and developments the world has offered us.
If you can evolve and improve yourself like successful people, then you will be chased by success. But “How to improve ourselves quickly?” is a big question.

Everyone wants to be productive, but not everyone knows what makes people successful in practice. In this context I am going to add some practical tips on how to become successful with high speed.

Accept the Truth

Well, here’s the truth.

Effective individuals actively work to develop themselves. If you want to be like them, then you need to function like them. Your thinking process should be like them or similar to them.

There are some fundamental rules that will allow you to boost your effectiveness. This increase in the degree of productivity will give you the reward of fast success in turn.

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Fundamental Rules to Increase your Productivity

1.  Selection of the job

You have to pick the job that you’ve been doing since childhood, unknowingly. This would be a quick and effortless piece of work you might do.
A little clarification only.
Ever since childhood, you have been writing. Write your blog then.
You have a habit of keeping healthy social relationships. Then you can start network marketing or become an agent for LIC.
On a certain subject, you’re really good. You may begin teaching. You can write a blog, make YouTube videos, take classes online, or begin teaching at home.

I found many advices in many books and articles to select a piece of work that you love to do. But that piece of work is not practiced by you from your childhood. Support you love singing but you were only listener of songs but never tried to learn anything about classical music. So selection of work to become a great singer is a wrong selection of work. You have to do something that you have been unknowingly educating yourself from early ages of your life.

Select a piece of work in which you already have some knowledge of it. I love playing guitar but I don’t know anything of that guitar then how can it be possible to become a great guitarist because there is someone who is practicing guitar from childhood and unfortunately you have to compete with that person to establish yourself.

When you have right selection of job you have to become it’s master.

2. Prioritise your work

Knowing how to prioritise work impacts your project’s success, your team ‘s commitment, and your role as a leader. Each project needs specific goals. No matter how well organised, you can count on technological tasks to require change orders, re-prioritization and the frequent presence of surprises. It’s just the normal order of things.

Accurately prioritising the work that counts on a regular basis is one of the greatest obstacles for project managers and leaders. Much like you have to be vigilant and have the right kind of project insight to make sure nobody acts on the goals of yesterday. To get this right needs a lot of practise.

Here are 3 steps to prioritising tasks that have a lot of implications to help you accomplish the task and meet deadlines.

a ) Create a list to do

b) Arrange First urgent then Important and Then Others

c) Valuable items first

d) Use 80 /20 Pareto Principle

a) Create a list to do

Bring all together that you might consider having done in a day. Don’t think upfront about the order or the number of products.

b) Arrange First urgent then Important and Then Others.

The next move is to see if you have any assignments that need immediate attention. We’re talking about work that would have extreme negative effects if not done by the end of the day or in the next few hours. Check to see if there are any dependencies of high importance that rely on you completing a piece of work now. Focus on essential work then, and finish it.

c) Valuable items first

Often look at your critical job and decide what gives your organisation the highest. You want to know precisely what kinds of activities have top priority over the others as a common practise. It is a confusing job, but doing it on a daily basis will make you fine.

c) Use 80 /20 Pareto Principle

One of the most useful life and time management principles is the 80/20 Pareto Theory.

What is Pareto’s 80/20 Principle?

In every general to-do list, this means that two out of ten items would turn out to be worth more than the other eight items put together.

The sad reality is that most people procrastinate on the least relevant 80 percent, which contributes very little to their performance, on the top 10 or 20 percent of things that are the most desirable and important, and busy themselves instead.

You will soon develop the habit of always beginning and working on low-value tasks during your day working on low-value duties.

To start your day, pick 2 urgent, significant and valuable assignments out of 10 tasks.

Save Time

3. Don’t Waste time and money

Ask yourself, in the last 24 hours, how many hours of productive work have I been doing? If it’s over 12 hours a day, then it’s all right. If it’s 16 to 18 hours a day, so no one in your life can deter you from doing what you want to accomplish.

To achieve rapid success, make a habit of saving money and stop excessive spending.

The Two Most Powerful Words of the Universe” I Am”

We are all a part of God. Since God is the supreme creator, in our lives, we have the authority to create anything we like. But how?

In this World, what are the two most important words? Certainly ” I AM!” Because these 2 words have enormous power in it. Be very mindful of anything you put after these words.

I Am refers to God

I AM refers to GOD, which refers to “OM”. These words have the same meaning ie God and I am are interchangeable.

This is particularly true for those statements which, by using the name “I AM” of God, integrate the highest aspect of our potential. By the appearance of God in the burning bush, the name of God given to Moses was “I AM THAT I AM.”

The words after I am will shape your future

What follows after I AM will determine your life, the two most impactful words in the English language are “I AM.”

What you say after you say “I AM”… What you BELIEVE after “I AM” will form your life and govern your decisions.

Suppose you say, “I am powerful.”
If you think you’re powerful… You will attempt big things and if you believe it you are capable of great things. If you speak integrity and drive to overcome anything into your life, you will be prepared to face and overcome any challenge. Let Power of I AM shape your future in most powerful way.

Believe and Feel

It’s not enough to just say the words. You have to feel them…and believe them. Every day, repeat them. Allow them to sink into your psyche. Allow that POWER to merge with you.

“I want” should be replaced with “I AM.” Say “I AM rich!” instead of “I want to be rich!” Say “I AM rich!.” “I AM wealthy” Say it. Feel it,Feel it and Feel it until you Believe it.

Thoughts are Powerful

Negativity will manifest in your life if you speak negativity into it.
Actions follow thoughts. Habits are formed through actions. Results are the product of habits.
Consider and feel. You will become if you believe!
A man is exactly who he thinks he is.
You will become what you say, believe, and feel.

Your life is controlled by your beliefs, which are formed by your thoughts.

Make a 180-degree turn and speak optimism into your life.

The more you put it into practice, the more likely you are to believe it.

The more you believe it, the more it will become a part of your personality, and you will begin to act like someone who possesses those qualities. Our fate is determined by your thinking.

Do Affirmation Work?

Affirmations are a terrific way to get your day started. Our brains feature a Reticular Activating System, which explains why (also called RAS). The RAS’s goal is to bring items to our attention that we think about the most, and that we consider to be true.
So, if you think about blue and then glance around your room, you’ll notice that colour everywhere. Similarly, telling yourself that your life is fantastic, or that you are healthy, strong, and blessed, can lead to more and more amazing experiences as your life progresses.

Affirmations Alone Aren’t Enough.

Affirmations are taught by some of our time’s best teachers. Teachers of the law of attraction are now teaching INCANTATIONS, which are the next level of affirmations. INCANTATIONS are essentially affirmations with the addition of physical movement. Affirmations by themselves aren’t enough to bring about meaningful change in your life. You can say something inspiring, but unless you physically embody it, you’re merely scratching the surface. INCANTATIONS are extremely potent because of this. Not only are you uttering words of empowerment with INCANTATIONS, but you’re also using your body and voice. You’re altering your physiology and state, which has the potential to alter everything.”


As a result, you must do more than just write the affirmations. You have to say them. Not only must you utter them, but you must also feel them with every fiber of your being.

Think. Feel. You will become if you believe!

List of I AM Affirmations

Here is a list of I am affirmations that I would like to share with you. 

I am powerful.
I am strong.
I am capable.I am strength.
I am energetic.
I am confident.I am authentic.
I am enlightened.
I am thankful.I am open.
I am abundant.
I am blessed.I am grateful.
I am magnificent.
I am wonderful.
I am clear.
I am awake.
I am alive.
I am brave.
I am determined.
I am persistent.
I am wealthy.
I am complete.
I am whole.
I am awesome.
I am rich.
I am valuable.
I am healthy.
I am vibrant.
I am filled with energy.
I am worthy.
I am successful.
I am motivated.
I am dedicated.
I am optimistic.
I am hopeful.
I am attractive.
I am beautiful.
I am truth.
I am wise.
I am kind.
I am considerate.
I am smart.
I am intelligent.
I am innovative.
I am freedom.
I am relaxed.
I am calm.
I am in this moment.
I am in command of my life.
I am fully present.
I am taking action.
I am fearless.
I am taking bold steps.
I am creative.
I am caring.
I am positive.
I am intelligent.
I am creative.
I am aware.
I am humorous.
I am loyal.
I am trusting.
I am compassionate.
I am responsible.
I am caring.
I am a leader.
I am self-assured.
I am prosperous.
I am enjoying.
I am enjoyable.
I am joyful.
I am a great lover.
I am secure.
I am honest.
I am love.
I am joyous.
I am happiness.
I am Bold.
I am confident.
I am an achiever.
I am valuable.
I am rich.
I am a millionaire.
I am expensive.
I am hopeful.
I am confident.
I am a good teacher.
I am an eager student.
I am brilliant.
I am determined.
I am appreciative.
I am respectful.
I am healthy.
I am wealthy.
I am wise.
I am adored.
I am blissful.
I am energized.
I am satisfied.
I am content.
I am receptive.
I am magical.
I am marvelous.
I am magnificent.
I am cheerful.
I am glowing.
I am happy.
I am Jubilant.
I am miraculous.
I am open.
I am playful.
I am precious.
I am proud.
I am divine.
I am dynamic.
I am empowered.
I am eager.
I am excited.
I am enthusiastic.
I am focused.
I am expanded.
I am extraordinary.
I am fabulous.
I am boundless.
I am fulfilled.
I am motivated.
I am driven.
I am abundant.
I am precious.
I am proud.
I am radiant.
I am ready.
I am receptive.
I am renewed.
I am spectacular.
I am unlimited.
I am terrific.
I am warm.
I am welcoming.
I am sensational.
I am worthy.
I am young.
I am zestful.
I am irresistible.
I am precious.
I am receptive.
I am connected.
I am in good relation.
I am happy with who I am.
I am disciplined.
I am focused.
I am living in the present moment.
I am comfortable.
I am calm.
I am the greatest person ever born in this planet.

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Powerful “I AM” Affirmations

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