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My name is Md Raji and I’m the founder of Sur O Sargam and My Solution Consultancy Services. I’ve always been passionate about singing, learning music and motivating myself and others. Now I think I am enough experienced to teach different classes of music including Indian classical and light music. This blog along with my YouTube channel Sur O Sargam will help and encourage those students who eagerly want to learn music but unable to do so due to lack of resources. So let's together enrich our different talents inside us and motivate ourselves to do magical things in the world.

Convincing Your Children to Marry

I have been thinking of writing about this subject for a long time. I have seen many parents who have made their children’s lives so complex. They don’t want to understand them, from toddler to teen, and then younger. They want a rat race to help them live in the real world. In their lives, they don’t care what their kids want.

I ‘m sorry for all parents pressuring their children because of their actions. If they don’t get out of their home, all the children want a comfort zone, so they look outside. In this case, in the twenties and thirties, they become more rebellious.

This is the primary issue that started in the ’20s and’ 30s. Parents would drive for a job, find a groom / bride, and all that. They don’t care what other individuals want. I’ve seen many families in despair and pushing their kids to find a bride / groom. If they find out from social media, they can see the person’s faults. It’s ridiculous here. First, you grant permission, then you have to consider the viewpoint of the other person.

Some families have a prejudice between successful and unsuccessful kids. All that are well in their professions and therefore receive a decent package. Parents will listen to everyone and everything about them. At that moment, they allow love for marriage. They will forcibly embrace her / his love as well. Many who, whatever he / she asks, are less in profession don’t have them.

There are several families who think they are the best. They think they’re improving everything they do with their kids. Extra care is also futile. With this behaviour, their children say a lot of lies in front of them. They fucking worry about their children’s selection of the bride/ groom. Their kids don’t want to understand them. They just think of society, but they don’t think of their kids.

The groom / bride for their daughter / son is being sought by some families. They don’t want to be with other families in a social way. They think they’re strong and the strongest. They are delaying the marriage of their children in this case. They don’t want to talk in front of society about their kids getting married. This is greed that is ruining households.

Some families are in a position to refuse all individuals who want their daughter / son to marry. Instead of thinking they are not the best and even their children, they only find faults. With these things, the daughter / son’s marriage is postponed.

Last but not least, you should be better at granting your children equality. Try to share with your kids all your feelings. Children can then try or try to understand you as well. Try to become modern and leave all the orthodox ideals that will divide both your thought and children from your thinking.


How to be successful with online shopping?

I saw my son stocking his kitchen at an online store in Mumbai. The big truck would come and the guy would bring frozen food in blue plastic containers, red meat and poultry, and green fruits and vegetables. And it was easy to store them properly. I figured it was a great way to shop at home without driving into the labyrinth of traffic and going to crowded supermarkets.

Before the pandemic broke out, purchasing necessities had not caught on in India. Before, there were a few firms doing online business. Their patrons I saw were young executives in our apartment complex who would rush out to work in the morning and come home only late in the evening. For them, the doorstep meant warmth. Even, without having to go, it gave them a fair choice of various varieties.
For my age , online shopping is a totally new phenomenon. So many are denying the definition of it. Our neighbour ‘s mother, in her early sixties, really doesn’t like thinking about it. She tells her daughter to let her go and buy fresh vegetables in the morning from the vendor who carries them. Before deciding what she wants, she likes the idea of picking it up, touching and feeling it with her hands. Instead, she ridicules the notion of shopping for vegetables online. How would anybody buy it just by looking at the screen? “Even the rotting and decayed vegetables are not picked and sent,” she says in a disgruntlele.

These days, it is becoming a completely different experience for me personally. By merely looking at the website, I pick fruits and vegetables. Order accordingly then. The delivery time is assigned to the convenience of the client. When the delivery hits your doorstep, if not to your standards, you should verify and complain. If a report is made, the money is refunded or the goods are altered. The scheme works in favour of the clients. The prices are fair and set, so no haggling is possible. And the best way to avoid crowded markets is especially in these times of Covid.

Even meat and fish can be ordered online and delivered at your doorstep. But the definition of this doesn’t suit my neighbourhood friend who enjoys going to the open market. The great built lady trudges out around 11 am, particularly to buy fresh fish. She feels relaxed looking at all the new items. She goes to a specific fish vendor who, with a little discount, still gives her fresh catch. She takes up the entire fish, runs her eyes over it and asks him to measure it. Before the lady bits, the polite seller then exchanges some neighbourhood gossip.

In online shopping, this human link is lacking. And that’s why there are regular trips to the supermarket. She discovers friendly faces and experiences the bazaar’s hustle-bustle and savours the sights and sounds.
For some years now, my daughter-in-law living in Ahmedabad has been adept at shopping online. On the shopping websites for clothing , shoes, luggage, cosmetics, household furniture and even bathroom tiles for their home, I saw her moving her fingers dexterously with her tablet. I have never really understood how she is sure of the quality and whether the size will suit well. Yet she became a veteran of shopping online. She would also see a whole pile of clothes she had ordered rejected. The colour or texture would look different from the image on the screen and would therefore be rejected. At times, it was inaccurate to photograph the items. She was pretty happy packing it again and returning it. In the virtual market, this was her online world and her shopping spree.

The enthusiasm and understanding of going shopping in a store are probably very different from the virtual world. Part of the fun is getting ready and going with your friends. And one could be in the most wrinkled night suit and unkempt hair with online shopping and still be shopping from the mundane to exotic stuff.

One thing is certain that you can buy anything and anything from a vast array of websites at very affordable rates, whatever fun we lack online. For such products, most of them have an exchange and return policy. During the pandemic, I realised the value and significance of online shopping. Most of us were left high and dry, specifically when the lockout was declared overnight. We didn’t have enough food in the house to stock up.

So, the only way out was to shop for essentials online. When the deliveries came, though with some hiccups, I was amazed at how life was going. Unbelievably, there was a packet of dry red chillies that had made its way from a remote place where the supplier was in Rajasthan.

Despite covid restrictions, a packet of dried prunes from the orchards of California provided from Mumbai to the online company had reached our doorstep. Commendable! Compliant!
Interestingly, in these times of Covid, the daughter of a family friend married with just 20 nearest and dear ones in a rather simple ceremony at home. From the bridal dress to all the items that were purchased online for the ceremonial ceremonies and delivered at their house. So the wedding was celebrated without fanfare and with many guests. The parents were happy that the engagement, which was their worst fear, was not postponed to a future date.

The online company has become prosperous these days. Sitting inside the walls of your home has become a better place to shop. And the shopping fever is on, particularly now with Diwali around the corner. All the knick knacks for the puja were delivered by many online companies for Karva Chauth. Using company gimmicks, wide online platforms attract festival discounts and much more.

This fresh notion is rising. Online shopping websites are rising by leaps and bounds in India. It has opened its doors, including for the conservative and reluctant lot. With just a tap on your mobile, it’s hard not to be untouched by the lures and convenience of this entire new way of shopping.

Violation of Democratic Norms

It’s been days since the call for Democrat Joe Biden was made for the White House election, but Donald Trump has yet to acknowledge or display any signs of accepting his loss.

Alternatively, he makes unproven accusations of systematic voter fraud, which he believes to have tipped the race to Biden.

However, the maths are overwhelming-he trails in some states by tens of thousands of votes he will have to reverse in order to succeed. It is seen by most as a lost cause.

Trump’s stance is sending tremors across the nation in violation of democratic norms and practises, as elected officials and American voters respond to a situation that still travels uncharted territory while telegraphed for months in advance.

Why Arnab Goswami is behaving like this?

The court decorum and Arnab Goswami are mandatory through an editor-in – chief of the Republic T.V. media channel. That’s no exception. The manner in which he acted as if he were above the law or first among equals; the right enjoyed only by the head of a state; a person of the stature of Arnab Goswami seems a little too eccentric and unexpected. The editor-in – chief seems to have overlooked, or he is pretending to be an anarchist, the difference between a public dais and a courtroom. It is very disappointing to see Arnab ‘s conduct, who is trying to use the arrest as a basis for attracting political mileage and creating a social order disruption. There has been enough poison spread throughout and, sadly, as a state that has always been progressive, Maharashtra is being disrupted and the state governments have been very professional in their approach to investors and industrialists.

The state capital of Mumbai happens to be the country’s commercial capital, and disrupting peace in such a state does not in any way demonstrate prudence and understanding.
However, while the action taken by the government of the state and the police department was very stern, that was maybe the need for the hour. It was very shameful how the entire state government, which also includes the police force, was being attacked and verbal venom was hurled at the Mumbai police commissioner. The required action against the other trouble / mischief mongers who have also been disrupting the peace within the state must now be taken. If not exceptional, the performance of the Uddhav Thackeray government has been quite satisfactory, although there is scope for more changes for which they have another four years remaining, so they can strengthen their function as a state government if they are permitted to build unwarranted obstacles and not disrupted by them.

The pain faced by the state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party is that, while they had secured the largest number of seats, they were unable to form the state government after the legislative assembly elections. Of course, this is a matter of discussion and debate as to why the Bharatiya Janata Party could not carry forward with the alliance they had with the Shiv Sena and had to part ways. What needs to be acknowledged is that the Bharatiya Janata Party was unable to prove its majority on the floor of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, which the Shiv Sena was able to prove with the support of the Indian National Congress and National Congress Party. There are reasons behind the help offered by the Indian National Congress and National Congress Party to the Shiv Sena that are established facts that can be understood by any sensible individual.

This electoral bribery, handled along with the Indian National Congress and National Congress Party by the Shiv Sena Maha Aghadi alliance, was the heavy political punch delivered on the jaw of the Bharatiya Janata Party with which they were unable to come to terms. In this counterattack, Arnab Goswami, Kangana Ranaut, Suman Pandey, Mamta Kale and a few others were foot soldiers.

Particularly in the Indian ethos, where freedom was often gained on the basis of the so-called ‘golden principle’ of ‘Ahimsa’ and passive resistance, anarchy and agitations carried out seem very democratic. In India ‘s democracy, this has now become the order of the day, although it may not be justified on every occasion. In this regard, Chakravarthy Rajagopalachari [Rajaji] expressed his anxiety, which may have gone unnoticed during the days of the freedom struggle, but the realisation of the desired after-effects comes with the passage of time. In the district court of Alibaug, where the district magistrate had to warn him to respect the integrity of the institution, Arnab attempted to interrupt the decorum.

Questions mooted with regard to the reopening of the suicide case of Anvay Naik and his mother Kumud Naik are not based on the fact that the Supreme Court of India has issued a number of rulings pursuant to Section 173(8) CrPC which permit the reopening of such cases, subject to the receipt of more appropriate and tangible evidence for which it is not necessary to seek the consent of any court. The police department in the state is therefore justified in its action taken, for which the hullaballoo does not seem to be quite fair or mature. The police department as an agency is well acquainted with the legal principles laid down by the Indian Penal Code [IPC], the Criminal Procedural Code [CrPC] and the Indian Constitution, as the action taken was definitely not spontaneous or sporadic.

The arrest of Arnab Goswami has resulted in the entire chain of events that have taken place since the sceptical death of Sushant Singh Rajput, followed by the assault on Bollywood celebrities and the role of drugs in the entertainment industry and the snarls and groans of modern India’s neo-social reformers, culminating in disrupting the social balance in the state of Maharashtra. He seems to have overlooked the decorum that the court wants to uphold and his lectures on organisational behaviour need to be updated. People who followed Arnab like a pack of wolves and hyenas should avoid their howls and vicious laughter now, because they were unable to laugh the last time.

“Nitish Kumar Will Be Chief Minister of Bihar.” BJP

Of Bihar’s 243 seats, the BJP won 74, bringing the NDA’s tally past the majority level, while Janata Dal United of Nitish Kumar was limited to 43.

There is no question of replacing Nitish Kumar as Bihar’s chief minister, the BJP said today, the day after its ally’s first one-up in state elections.
Of Bihar’s 243 seats, the BJP won 74, bringing the NDA’s tally past the majority level, while Janata Dal United of Nitish Kumar was limited to 43.

There have been concerns about the top job with Nitish Kumar losing Big Brother status in Bihar and the BJP gaining an upper hand for the first time in a state where it has never had a Chief Minister.

As it was our commitment, Nitishji will remain Chief Minister. There is no confusion about this, “Sushil Kumar Modi of the BJP and Deputy Chief Minister said today.”

He said, in an election, “some win more and some win less.” “But we are equal partners,” said Sushil Modi.

The BJP has never ruled Bihar on its own and, without Nitish Kumar, could not have held power in the state. But the findings give power to the BJP. Sources suggest the balance of power is likely to be different in Nitish Kumar’s fourth term.

The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) of Chirag Paswan ended up with only one seat, but in all the others it challenged, it ate into the JDU votes, causing its tally to drop from 2015. Throughout this election, there has been talk that Chirag Paswan ‘s rebellion against Nitish Kumar had the blessings of the BJP. Many yesterday assessed that for the BJP, Junior Paswan, whose father Ram Vilas Paswan was a minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had come through and helped diminish Nitish Kumar ‘s position.

Chirag Paswan himself said today: “Yes, I too would like to win as many seats as possible, like all parties, but my goal for these elections was to ensure that the BJP emerges in the state as a stronger party and we are pleased with the effect we have had.” Before that, the LJP leader had always said that Nitish Kumar ‘s defeat was his main goal.

With Chirag Paswan, the BJP has strongly rejected any hidden perception. Sushil Modi agreed that Janata Dal United candidates in more than 20 seats were harmed by the LJP. But he said: “We would have to take a call if he stays in the central leadership of the NDA, but he’s not part of the NDA in Bihar.”

“Nitish Kumar is our chief minister, there is no question of a rethink, there is no question of a junior or senior partner in an alliance,” added the BJP’s Bihar chief, Sanjay Jaiswal.

A Mean and Straight Forward Person

Well mean is something that carries harsh words and straight forward is what carried a fact, the only difference is that mean can hurt a lot and can not be forgotten while the truth can be spoken in a respectful manner straight forward.

I can’t speak for other people, but there is a huge difference, I think, between being easy and being mean.

I know a few straightforward people, and I enjoy their company, actually. Since they say what’s on their mind, and between the lines, you don’t need to guess their purpose. Communication makes it simple. They make it really clear that they’re not happy or they’re not happy about something and they tell you why. They even express their happiness very frankly when they’re excited about something. They express their gratitude with their entire heart when you help them out. They point it out when you make a mistake and ask you to make a improvement.

In the other hand, a mean person is bitter and manipulative. To belittle and injure other people, they hide behind “honesty” or “being straightforward.” They exploit the feelings of other people to get what they want. They blame other people for their mood when they’re not happy; when other people help them out, they always take the credit and never say thank you unless they really had to; they make a mistake, they laugh at you; they tell you that you did something good, they tell you that you’re never going to compare with them. They’re too greedy that they’re never going to consider the chance that someone could be better than them. They just hurt people intentionally: by their words and by their behaviour. If they’re telling the truth, it ought to be about bringing people down. They’re just talking to submissive individuals to tell them how much control they have. For their own gain, they just alter their claims.

But they’ll play the victim when you rat them out, asking you to embrace their “honesty.”
I do not hate straightforward people, I do not like manipulative and cruel people with “honesty” hiding their spite. Typically I stay quiet when a person exhibits a mean behaviour in front of me. I don’t want to demonstrate animal behaviour as an person,

How to be Successful in Difficult Situations?

Let me try to give you a couple of actionable measures. They are the following:—

1. Comprehension

You see, you’ve got to know that you’re in one hell of a downhill trip, and things could get worse. For a bit, all is not going to be hunky dory.

2. Acknowledgement.

Acceptance is the next step. Well, yeah, yeah, you’re in a tuff position, and it looks to you like shit could really hit the fan soon. Good! Good, good! Once you acknowledge that you are on the brink of tragedy, you empower yourself by acknowledging the facts.

Always think positive
3. Time

Now, this is something that you have to recognise and know that times are still going to change. In 6 months or so, the tuff spot in which you are now won’t actually be there. Things are going to improve and if you have hit rock bottom somewhere, then be grateful. There are good times going!

4. Grit.

You are already forging the way to a better future until you understand and embrace the present situation you are in. You may still not know it, but you are. Now you know what’s wrong and you can always come up with a solution because you know that. I ‘d advise you to stay away from social media and inspiration when on this road of transformation. Not culture, nor social media. There will be nothing good coming out of Facebook. Say no to inspiration as well. Today, you can be inspired and sad tomorrow because you are not where your inspired self expected you to be. Go for grit and determination instead. Rarely should they let you down.

5. Let loose

If you are a man or a woman, I don’t know, but I would advise you to weep from time to time. You see, we eventually end up bearing emotional baggage as we go through tough times. Let go of the luggage. You don’t need them. You will be left with a light feeling in your heart after you sob on your heart out and clarity will soon follow.

Always Smile
6. Head down.

Not to make needless noise is what I mean here. You now know what’s wrong, you have thoroughly screamed out your heart at the unfairness of the situation and cursed life and God, and now you can add insight to what should be done. Keep your head down and keep working until you find it out. Don’t go back down the self pity loop. It will not aid.

7. Patience

When you’re busy building a better tomorrow for yourself and your colleagues, from time to time, you’ll end up being frustrated and impatient. This is where patience is required. It takes up to 50 years for a mango tree to grow and bear its first fruit. By pulling at the little sapling, you can’t hasten the growth process.

8. Meditation

I know, in this section, you might be cringing. In the modern world, meditation is way overrated. I am not asking you to be a guru, however. You see, we get stressed out when we are in a tuff position and invariably get nervous. A stressed mind, an agitated mind, is my friend’s troubled mind, and you have to tame it ASAP. What you need is a relaxed mind. I would suggest some easy breathing exercises for you. It is it, that is. With this, YouTube will help you out.

9. Don’t Prioritise

Yeah, actually you were fucked (and you’re not loving it for a change) and that’s what moved you to post this question here. You see, we’ve got wayyy too many fucks now for a few days to give up unimportant things. Don’t! Don’t! Prioritize what is relevant and decide it. You’re holding yourself in the loop of suffering when you give a fuck about anything and all. You are cementing the foundations of your life’s unhappiness. Read the book, called the subtle art of not giving a fuck, if you want more clarification on this particular issue. It helped me, and I hope it will help you.

Ok, in a short time, this is what I will come up with and I hope this allows you to make some light of the situation in which you are.

How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety easily?

Whether it’s thunderstorms, a trip to the dentist, a stranger at your door, or losing someone close to you, you know what it is like to be frightened of something. Fear is a natural response that cautions our bodies to be vigilant. Anxiety is a form of anxiety, rather than worrying something that is real, coping more with concern and the future.

They become an issue when fear and anxiety become a trend in our lives. If a problem is with your blocked drain in the kitchen sink, do you neglect it? Not of course. Call a plumber or try to repair it on your own. When your physical and mental health is weakened by fearfulness, and you find yourself avoiding activities that could

Build more fear, don’t dismiss it. Don’t try to force it away when fear becomes a painful thing that leaves you cowering and sick.

Learn how to conquer anxiety and depression

Depressed child

Phase 1: Understand about your Anxiety

This first move may be the most difficult one, but it’s absolutely important, too. A insecurity that lies concealed in the dusty regions of your subconscious can not be resolved. You’ve got ta face it. You see the individual when you turn your face toward a person and learn what he looks like and how he behaves. You discover things about your fear that you didn’t know before, as you turn toward your fear (rather than away from it). This understanding helps you resolve it.

Try keeping a journal over a period of two or three weeks to help yourself face your fears and anxiety. Record any trends that you find. When you hear the doorbell, do your hands turn clammy and your stomach clench? In the morning or evening, do you show more signs of anxiety?

Phase 2: In Constructive Ways use your Imagination

Fantasy is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, an active imagination can be a harmful tool when it causes you to think about negative things. It gives you power, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box.

Your imagination will magnify your fears, making things look even worse for your situation than it really is.

Imaginative fear

Do this exercise five times a day and in no time, you can begin to think and perform better:

Step 1.

Take a deep inhale

Step 2.

Exhale (as if blowing out a candle) with a brief blast. This helps trigger the diaphragm, which is not used by most individuals.

Step 3.

To empty the lungs, exhale with a long , slow finish. Breathlessness results from not enough CO2 being expelled.

Step 4.

Inhale instead of taking small sips, filling the lungs from the bottom to the top. A third of their lung capacity is used by most.

Step 5.

Keep to allow oxygen to saturate the cells for a moment.

Step 6.

Slowly and thoroughly exhale.

Step 7.

For 5 minutes, repeat steps 4 to 6.

Lady depressed due to mental st

To-your mental stress and anxiety, there are other necessary steps that you may take.

No 1. Face your anxiety if you can

You will stop doing things you want or need to do if you always avoid situations that scare you. If the situation is always as bad as you expect, you will not be able to test it, so you miss the chance to work out how to manage your fears and reduce your anxiety. Problems with anxiety tend to escalate once you get into this pattern. It can be an important way of resolving this anxiety to open yourself to your fears.

No 2. Know about yourself

Try to learn more about your anxiety or fear. Keep a log of anxiety or a record of thinking to remember when it occurs and what happens.

You can try to set small , achievable goals for yourself to face your fears. You can carry a list of things with you that help at times when you are likely to be scared or anxious. This can be an efficient way to deal with the fundamental principles behind your anxiety.

Try to learn more about your anxiety or terror. Keep a record of what happens and when it occurs.

No 3. Physical warm up

Raise the amount of exercise you’re doing. Some attention is needed for exercise, and this may take your mind off your fear and anxiety.

No 4. Relax

The mental and physical feelings of fear will assist you with learning calming strategies. Simply lowering your shoulders and breathing deeply will help. Or, in a comfortable place, imagine yourself. You may also try to learn items such as yoga , meditation, massage, or listen to the wellness podcast of the Mental Health Foundation.

No 5. Balanced meals

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and strive to avoid excessive sugar. You can get nervous feelings from the subsequent dips in your blood sugar. Try to stop consuming too much tea and coffee, as anxiety levels can be exacerbated by caffeine.

No 6. Stop alcohol or, in moderation, drink

No 6. Stop alcohol or, in moderation, drink

When they feel anxious, it’s very normal for people to drink. Alcohol is called ‘Dutch courage’ by some people, but the after-effects of alcohol will make you feel much more frightened or nervous.

No 7. Treatments

Some individuals find that they are helped to cope with their anxiety through alternative treatments or activities, such as calming methods, meditation, yoga.

No 8. Spirituality / faith

This will give you a way of feeling linked to something greater than yourself, whether you are religious or spiritual. Faith can offer a way to cope with daily stress, and you can be linked with a powerful support network by joining church and other faith groups.

What activities do you follow to achieve a 1% growth everyday?

Every day, 1 percent growth is something rhetorical, as arithmetic words and percentages do not measure growth in every field of one’s interest. The idea is essentially excellent with the baby phase, every day learning small lessons to gradually gain a lot of experience and skills over the longer term.

I have a certain number of domains charted out for me, therefore. These are domains that I find interesting and fascinating. Domains, the experience of which will pay me a strong dividend in the coming days. And, thus, every day I read and explore more about those domains to increase my ken a little bit more about them every day.

That way, on any given day under the microscope, I probably don’t succeed much at any of them. However, if everyday improvement is compounded and parsed over a long period of time, then I end up even more enriched and erudite with improved comprehension potential in each of these fields.

Enable me to explain some cases.

Learn 5 words per day

I want to enrich my English language order, so I learn / review five new / forgotten words and their meanings every day, and also practise using the same building phrases. Five words a day isn’t that large an amount to reinforce one’s vocabulary. Yet, you end up with 150 words on your tongue for disposal over the course of a month!
And that is enough, in my opinion, to transform the writing skills of an person. Five words a day only.

Grateful to somebody

I strive to be a person who never runs out of things in life to be grateful for. I know that I will always keep my life happy and upbeat regardless of the unavoidable ups and downs come my way. Almost every day, I write a letter to a person clarifying why I am grateful to them. This is how I find a new thing to be grateful for every day.

Often with friends and relationships that sometimes brought joy to my life in the past. And I wrote to comedians at other times who made me laugh and business magnates who encouraged me to think bigger than my life suggests. Do I have a response from either of them? Ok, actually, two of the standup comics reverted to my letters!

Write 2000 words per day

I want to strengthen my writing knack. In creating ideas and observations, I want to be so successful that I never run out of stuff to write. And, thus, I make sure every day that I have to pump out at least 2,000 words, regardless of whether or not I have anything to write about in my mind.

I end up with garbage on the screen of my laptop sometimes and it sometimes turns out to be my personal best piece ever. But no matter what, with the habit of writing 2,000 words a day, I have largely managed to train my grey matter to throw ideas at me that I can write about. It helps make sure that I’m never out of writing material. And that’s only because I write 2,000 words every day, no matter how good or bad they may be. This isn’t just about practise. This is a ritual.

Read about some famous people everyday

I want to be a person who knows a lot about masterful magnates who, on their own, have made it big in their lives. And, thus, every day I make sure to read and learn something new about one such character.

Read books and articles on my favourite subject

I have a deep interest in the Indian economy, but as far as academics go, I have no attachment to the economic sense. So, to strengthen my understanding, I read books on economics by noted Indian economists like Kaushik Basu and Bibek Debroy. I’m not going through the cumbersome strategy of finishing the whole book in one go. I just read a few chapters a day from books like that. At a time, one tiny move.

Another thing I do to improve my understanding of how India ‘s economy and politics are largely intertwined with each other is to spend almost two hours each day just reading from over four different newspapers each and every editorial and the whole economy pages.

I do not brag. Economics eludes me, and it seems that I really enjoy it. And, therefore, spending time on it seems to be legitimate and worth the investment.

These are just a few examples of how I aim to “grow 1% every day” in the areas that I care about and find relevant for my future. I hope the reader discovers that the answer adds some value to their viewpoint.

How to be Successful in Making Attitude like Famous People?

Write your weaknesses down here. Keep them in mind, all the time …!!

Only forget about your strengths. They are built-in and you don’t need to boast about them anymore!

Being at the end of the hearing, before talking. Avoid being judgmental ..!!

Instead of describing every single move, pin point your decisions. Don’t be an essay, choose to fill in the blank instead.!

Never raise a voice, but raise an opinion. Let your view be known …!

Avoid likening yourself to the world. World, no safe place to compare anymore ..!

Equate your weaknesses with your strengths. Conceal your shortcomings with your talent!

Avoid manipulating feelings and individuals. Let your manipulations go down …!

Be accurate in your language if you want to lie. But, lies are going to crop up eventually. Is it worth taking a risk …?

Let the pride go down. If you’re arrogant, that’s all right, but let’s not get confused between being arrogant and selfish pride!