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A letter to the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Part 1 Letter, Part 2 Action)

Part 2 : Action Taken by The Chief Minister

I have written Part 1 of this post on 11th October 2021 and today (21st October) I am writing the part 2 of it.

I believe that police and administration remains in the hands of ruling party. In India Police does what the ruling party ministers want. I was surprised to know some of the Caders of Trinomul Congress were arrested due to irregularities they had shown in the distribution of the relief materials on 12th October. This is called a STRONG STEP taken by our Chief Minister.

Secondly Police seized the relief materials from those Caders and handed over to the Councillor of that area. I also saw that Mr Councillor too was highly annoyed with the behavior of those Caders.

This indicates that our Chief Minister supports right justice. She will not support fraud and crime even if fraudulent person belongs to her own pary. Our democratic India needs this type of leadership.

At the last, I would like to thank Our Chief Minister for taking BOLD AND STRONG STEPS. I hope people of West Bengal would understand her impartial nature while taking a major decision. Also she is quick and active in doing good for the people. I hope she will again win in her next elections.

People of West Bengal needs and likes their leader Mamata Banerjee.


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