A boy clearing doubts of his colleague

Clear all Self Doubts of Your Life

Every human being is the subject of doubts about himself and others as well. Are we in the dilemma of choosing what to do or not to do? In Arjuna’s view, the same problem occurred in the land of the Mahabharata in Kurukshetra. Before Lord Krishan, he shared his reluctance to fight with his nearest and beloved ones. And his doubts cleared up through the message of Bhagvad Gita and he stood up again to fight for the right and his victory was assured as his strength and support because of Lord Krishan on his side. During the current pandemic, the future is so unforeseen and full of uncertainties. And again, we must take the blessing and power of Almighty God to guide us with morality and practicality to solve these dilemmas. We can’t win any fight, be it the Mahabharata battle, or the battle of our minds with doubts about ourselves and others. The uncertainty was about winning or losing, or good over bad, at the time of the Mahabharata. At the present moment, life or death is in question.

We are all Arjun (as the soul) with doubts in mind. But we are not fortunate enough to have Lord Krishan on our side in his physical form, but in the form of Bhagvad Gita, we definitely have his divine form to which we can surrender our “I-ness,” suspicions, and all kinds of dilemmas that create suspicion in our minds.

In Bhagvad Gita, it is said, “Whatever happened, happened for the good, whatever happens, happens for the good, and whatever will happen also will happen for the good.” But my mind still wonders why what good is in it? Supposing that if a relationship didn’t succeed, we might assume it was bound to happen and for a cause it happened. Or do we, in our own hands, attempt to act and take care of things? You don’t have to think about the future, it is said, nor should you pay attention to the past. You are in charge of the moment only so live it to the fullest. “You have the right to work, but you don’t have any right over the result” And I think this is Bhagvad Gita’s wisest message.

People run after money in present times of materialism, want a big home, yearn for a luxury car besides securing the children’s future, so basically we are goal-driven. We all do not work because we want or like doing our jobs, but we do it just to think about the outcomes. During our reviews, we all work extra hours or do overtime assuming (result oriented) that our managers would highly score us on our results. This is something we all need to stop, because suffering is inevitable if our goals are not met. Basically, all because of expectations from this materialist and mortal universe, I am feeling this pain. And like Arjun, in our search for light on our dilemmas, we can all benefit from these timeless teachings and grow self-confidence.

Krishan’s first teaching to Arjun clarified that this material world is not true reality. It’s an illusion and we are all the actors who perform our respective roles assigned by our director to us, i.e. God. We experience profound pain when and when we play the temporary roles too seriously and feel detached from the centre of our true strength. And Krishan reminds Arjun that it is a mortal body, but our soul is immortal.

The second teaching reminded Arjun to pursue his dharma as a life purpose. Krishan urges him to be a fighter for justice and the promotion of good over evil. He reminds Arjun to fulfil his dharmic duty to achieve salvation. If you don’t engage in this fight against evil, you’re going to incur sin violating your dharma and your honour. But then my mind wonders, ‘How are we going to know what’s going to happen? (an action for which you are guilty of doing it).

The consequences of mental turbulence and overthinking and not of intervention are self-doubt, concern and anxiety. However if we act, we will either reach our goals and find satisfaction or fail, but we will benefit from the experience. And what I have learned from my experiences to date is that for the sake of some reward or applause, one should never engage in acts but to honestly and genuinely perform our duties.

The Google search engine is full, though not sufficient, of knowledge on different aspects of the necessary wisdom. To become fearless, we have to work without worries , the real and not virtual world of today.

One may rely entirely on the sermons of Gita, my conviction from the holy land of Kurukshetra, to make the search for the solution of doubts complete.


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