Sun and moon

How to Observe Life when You are Perfect and Unique ?

Did you ever think that he/she looks better than me! I want the height that he or she has! She’s so blessed that she has this or that! He is better than me in his/her life! In our everyday lives, these types of thoughts sometimes wander through our heads. Why is it important to equate ourselves to others? In our own way, we’re all special. – of us has strengths and weaknesses that are different. We’ve all got flaws. Just think for a moment, if everyone looked the same then this world will be a place of boredom, which is why God made us all special with distinct features. When we begin to equate ourselves with others, we prefer to emulate others by believing that if I do this I will be at ease, but by doing so we are only demeaning our identity, our life, and not recognising the specific characteristics that are ingrained in us. Comparing ourselves with others just blocks our real ability.

Think about the cause of mental or physical disturbances among people for a moment. Half of the concerns arise because of similarities with others. If someone gets good in some way or the other, we feel inferior. Inferiority normally exists among our peers. Learning from others is necessary, but not judging one another in a way that affects our mental well-being. If you embrace yourself the way you are, you will win the inner war of self-respect. Comparing your strengths and weaknesses, comparing your positive and bad habits, but not comparing yourself to others if you just want to compare yourself. No one like you has ever been on Earth and never will be. Dare to be different from each other and dare to be the way you are. Be positive in your character and what you have and also accept your weirdness and be excited throughout your life’s journey. Trust is the greatest gem we can all wear to look perfect or pretty.

There is no distinction between the sun and the moon. When it is their moment, they shine.


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