Invest Your Money with High Return and No Risk

There are just a few places where you can keep your money.

Fixed deposit -bank
True Property
Business on bonds
Market of Stocks
Plain Gold
Starting a New Company

All other investment strateies are risky excluding fixed deposit in bank. When your bank balance reaches 12 times your monthly salary, you can take a gamble on a few occasions. Otherwise you’re going to slip into a pit, and that’s going to be a lifetime regret for you. It’s true that the more you take risk, the more you’re going to earn. But the odds of losing are still higher than the chances of winning, since the global economy is so unpredictable that nobody can predict the future of this planet exactly.

But I’d recommend that you make an investment in yourself.

Spend your time learning how to operate your own business. As well as gaining business knowledge, this would include personal development. Articles, workshops, networking events. Learn how to set goals and accomplish them, how to more efficiently manage your time, prevent procrastination, cultivate a positive mindset, become a leader.

That being said – what business is there to go into? If this is your first business attempt, I suggest you take the advice of Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is a great book to read, by the way.

Kiyosaki recommends that you enter a network marketing company. He remarked, Network marketing offers people the chance to create their own income-generating assets and accumulate great wealth, with very low risk and very low financial commitment.

Where to go then, from here. What is the shortest path to knowing what you need to know in order to start and succeed?

For at least six months, whatever business you are going to launch, study and learn about the company. Take a survey of more than 10 similar companies, engage in workshops, improve the skills required to operate the company alone and seek advice from experienced individuals in your profession. Marketing is another important thing. First set out the strategy where your goods or services will be distributed as there are 100s of similar companies around the world and they will compete with you. Before starting any business, devote 24 hours a day to theoretical as well as practical learning.

When you start a company, you should have a high level of clarity.


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