Get rid of Problems by Being Optimistic

In our lives, we all have questions and dilemmas. It’s just what I should have for breakfast most of the time, but sometimes these issues can be very substantial. But I figure there’s only one way to solve all of them, whether it’s a large one or a small one.

Understand the problem

We need to understand, first, what the problem is. There are times that we overthink things so much that we just forget what it was and start tackling the wrong problem eventually. We need to know in one sentence what the issue is in order for it not to happen.

Cause of the problem

The second stage consists of understanding the cause of the problem. The first step in finding a cure is to find the cause and the very origin of the infection when a virus spreads (I know this is not the best example right now).Similarly, we need to discover the cause if we want to find a solution to a complication.

Solving the problem

Here, this is where it gets complicated. We need to know how we are affected by this issue and how much time we have to fix it. Treating it from the root would be the safest approach.

Whatever the cause of this dilemma is, get rid of it and do what’s best for you, make your world fall apart. This should be straightforward, because it means that you are in some deep trouble if solving a problem is itself a problem! You need to make a list of pros and cons of both ways your case might go if it’s a confusion, which will clear your mind and help you make the right choice. The trick is to know how much you need and to be positive about your goals.
The most important point if you are struggling with anything important is not to make spur of the moment decisions. It can be very risky to have knee jerk reactions.


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