A gentleman, rich and prosperous

How to be Rich and Prosperous?

So, you want to become a millionaire-entrepreneur. You’re not alone. Some dream of leaving their jobs and becoming their own boss, enjoying the numerous millionaire lives we see on TV. There is a difference, however, between those who dream of becoming millionaires and those who do. And with an attitude, it begins and ends. If you do not maintain that mentality, you will continue spinning your wheels, working just as hard, but never going anywhere.

By fostering a millionaire mindset, you need to stretch your thinking. Start by creating the following six attributes.

Creating a vision.

If you want to be a millionaire at some point in your life, or if you want to have a seven-figure business, you have to be very honest about why you want it. Throughout my 20s, my “why was making money. I was taught by a variety of company accomplishments and setbacks that it’s not about money, but about what money can do for you.

Why is it that you’re trying to be a millionaire? You have to be fairly honest about your “why,” so that when things get tough, you’re pulled to do it regardless, or you don’t want to wake up at 4 am or make another cold call.

What influence do you want to have? What is the positive consequence of achieving your seven-figure goal, and what is the negative impact, maybe more compelling, of not achieving it? When we develop our vision and our “why” for others, there is an exponential increase in the inspired action we can take to achieve it.

Some of the best entrepreneurs in the world have very wide missions. They know exactly where they’re going and why they’re going there. The influence and the legacy they create are clear to them. What is your clout? And what sort of legacy do you want to build? The more you connect to your effect, the more willing you are to do the uncomfortable stuff that leads to rapid development.

Millionaire business owners, though have a “now” attitude. Instead of putting it off, they do what is needed now no matter how scary or difficult it sounds. Knowing why you do what you do and being a “now” type of person will push you to get what you want.

Love What you do.

When you’re doing it, it doesn’t feel like work. And money can flow to and through you naturally when you enjoy what you do. And if you are working in a career or role that you don’t like at the moment, it will change your entire mentality just by changing the way you think about it. Think of it as your banker who is helping you as you work where you want to be, instead of complaining about your job. In your current situation, talk about life and change your way of being so that you value your profession by providing you with the means to do the job you love.

Solution Oriented Focus

Be very clear about the problem being tackled by the organisation. In addition, being solution-focused means that you see solutions where others see challenges, in spite of the situation. So the millionaire mind knows there’s always a solution when the going gets tough and most people pack it up and go home, and that it’s a blessing in disguise, no matter how big the challenge or obstacle is. Even failure reaps gains that will benefit you in the future.

By focusing on strategies rather than problems, you retain a positive attitude and are not rattled by issues outside of your control that might derail others. The bigger you grow as an entrepreneur, the greater the pressure, the responsibility and the problems.

Millionaires are pleased with their fights because they know that there is abundance on the other side. Furthermore, people who see solutions attract others who seek solutions.

Develop Your Leadership Capacity continuously.

Focusing on your leadership ability will dramatically move and alter all about your life and business. Grab and internalise the book, Leadership’s 21 Irrefutable Rules. The more you develop your leadership skills, the more potential like-minded leaders will be drawn into your company.

The law of the lid teaches that one of my favourite irrefutable laws of leadership is that you are the lid on your pot. You are in other words, the one who limits the growth of your company. By improving your leadership skills, you could blow the roof off the organisation.

Be Growth Driven

Millionaire business owners are constantly pursuing personal growth and development.

First and foremost, get a coach. By getting a coach, my life was changed more than by anything I’ve ever done in business or in life in particular.

Second, find yourself worthy of coaching. Often what happens when you seek wise advice is that you set up a wall between yourself and the feedback you get. Know that a coach sees the business and life that you do not from an outside point of view. Trust that your coach has expertise that you just don’t have and a complete view of the scene. The more you are prepared to hear and assimilate feedback, the faster and more your business can develop.

Shift The Thought from Doing To Being.

People especially entrepreneurs, are constantly doing things in order to have things: a new car, house, customers or whatever it is that will make them feel important and good about themselves. They believe that once they become millionaires and have accomplished something worthwhile, they cannot actually be significant. Backwards, though, that is. You have to be and dream like a millionaire first if you ever want to get a million dollars. Through doing so you can draw on the necessary resources.

It is not about doing anything in order to get anything or to be somebody. You’ve got to be someone first of all; somebody who has all she needs to take inspired action. To become a millionaire, you must be a millionaire who thinks like a millionaire, who has everything a millionaire has in order to take the inspired action that a millionaire takes.


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