Exchanging wedding ring

Convincing Your Children to Marry

I have been thinking of writing about this subject for a long time. I have seen many parents who have made their children’s lives so complex. They don’t want to understand them, from toddler to teen, and then younger. They want a rat race to help them live in the real world. In their lives, they don’t care what their kids want.

I ‘m sorry for all parents pressuring their children because of their actions. If they don’t get out of their home, all the children want a comfort zone, so they look outside. In this case, in the twenties and thirties, they become more rebellious.

This is the primary issue that started in the ’20s and’ 30s. Parents would drive for a job, find a groom / bride, and all that. They don’t care what other individuals want. I’ve seen many families in despair and pushing their kids to find a bride / groom. If they find out from social media, they can see the person’s faults. It’s ridiculous here. First, you grant permission, then you have to consider the viewpoint of the other person.

Some families have a prejudice between successful and unsuccessful kids. All that are well in their professions and therefore receive a decent package. Parents will listen to everyone and everything about them. At that moment, they allow love for marriage. They will forcibly embrace her / his love as well. Many who, whatever he / she asks, are less in profession don’t have them.

There are several families who think they are the best. They think they’re improving everything they do with their kids. Extra care is also futile. With this behaviour, their children say a lot of lies in front of them. They fucking worry about their children’s selection of the bride/ groom. Their kids don’t want to understand them. They just think of society, but they don’t think of their kids.

The groom / bride for their daughter / son is being sought by some families. They don’t want to be with other families in a social way. They think they’re strong and the strongest. They are delaying the marriage of their children in this case. They don’t want to talk in front of society about their kids getting married. This is greed that is ruining households.

Some families are in a position to refuse all individuals who want their daughter / son to marry. Instead of thinking they are not the best and even their children, they only find faults. With these things, the daughter / son’s marriage is postponed.

Last but not least, you should be better at granting your children equality. Try to share with your kids all your feelings. Children can then try or try to understand you as well. Try to become modern and leave all the orthodox ideals that will divide both your thought and children from your thinking.


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