A lady Concentrating on her exercise

How to Increase Concentration to be Successful in Life?

The well-resolved mind is single and single-pointed, but the object of the unresolved mind is endless and multi-branched.
You must achieve certain qualities when you are in your student life that make your life beautiful and efficient. The secret energy, that is, the concentration available to any human being on this planet. We see an absolute stillness among men and animals, which is necessary to gain food and wealth or to gain superpowers. We all possess instinctive strength, but most people are unaware of it. This power is like fertile soil, where we can crop the seed, so that you can get a better fruit from it.

Center your mind, like Arjuna ‘s bow. Guru Drona asked Pandavas and Kauravas about the bird that sat on the branch of a tree. We all know the storey from the Mahabharata. Every single one except. Arjuna gave common, unfocused answers, but only Arjuna said, ‘I can see the bird’s eye,’ and he centred his bow and hit the bird’s eye. So our mind should be concentrated, our mind should function simultaneously with several thoughts. You’ll certainly become a hero with a controlled mind if you collect these thoughts and make them single-pointed. It’s just like the magnifying glass that transforms the light’s scattered rays into concentrated single-pointed rays to burn.


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