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Is There Any Magical Success Recipe ?

The biggest secret of success is that there are no secrets about it.

The successful individuals and the direction they have taken to achieve success are known to all.

Yet by following their course, no one can become successful.

There is no magical success recipe that anyone should use to achieve success in life.

If you examine two effective persons, you will discover two distinct success routes.

If you had to analyse 10, you’d get 10 routes.

Let ‘s look at the examples of the leaders who were India’s PM.

Narendra Modi: Grand Orator, Violent, Maker of Quick Decisions.

Manmohan Singh: Talks less, submissive, makes few choices

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Fantastic, affable orator, team man, team man

They all have different attributes and they achieved success in their own way.

In the same way, you can find every great writer, sportsman, businessman carving their own path to success.

If you follow any of them, you are most likely to fail in life because

No two people have same abilities, aptitude and talents

No two people face the same people and the world

No two people can use the same formula for success

You have to design your own success based on your own aspirations, abilities and the need of the world.

Just like there has never been a person like you in the world, there can also be no readymade formula of success made for you.

You can draw inspiration from every successful person, but you have to carve out your own path of success in life.


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