How to be successful quickly?

Do you want to be successful quicker than anybody else? Yeah, you can do that by emerging innovations and developments the world has offered us.
If you can evolve and improve yourself like successful people, then you will be chased by success. But “How to improve ourselves quickly?” is a big question.

Everyone wants to be productive, but not everyone knows what makes people successful in practice. In this context I am going to add some practical tips on how to become successful with high speed.

Accept the Truth

Well, here’s the truth.

Effective individuals actively work to develop themselves. If you want to be like them, then you need to function like them. Your thinking process should be like them or similar to them.

There are some fundamental rules that will allow you to boost your effectiveness. This increase in the degree of productivity will give you the reward of fast success in turn.

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Fundamental Rules to Increase your Productivity

1.  Selection of the job

You have to pick the job that you’ve been doing since childhood, unknowingly. This would be a quick and effortless piece of work you might do.
A little clarification only.
Ever since childhood, you have been writing. Write your blog then.
You have a habit of keeping healthy social relationships. Then you can start network marketing or become an agent for LIC.
On a certain subject, you’re really good. You may begin teaching. You can write a blog, make YouTube videos, take classes online, or begin teaching at home.

I found many advices in many books and articles to select a piece of work that you love to do. But that piece of work is not practiced by you from your childhood. Support you love singing but you were only listener of songs but never tried to learn anything about classical music. So selection of work to become a great singer is a wrong selection of work. You have to do something that you have been unknowingly educating yourself from early ages of your life.

Select a piece of work in which you already have some knowledge of it. I love playing guitar but I don’t know anything of that guitar then how can it be possible to become a great guitarist because there is someone who is practicing guitar from childhood and unfortunately you have to compete with that person to establish yourself.

When you have right selection of job you have to become it’s master.

2. Prioritise your work

Knowing how to prioritise work impacts your project’s success, your team ‘s commitment, and your role as a leader. Each project needs specific goals. No matter how well organised, you can count on technological tasks to require change orders, re-prioritization and the frequent presence of surprises. It’s just the normal order of things.

Accurately prioritising the work that counts on a regular basis is one of the greatest obstacles for project managers and leaders. Much like you have to be vigilant and have the right kind of project insight to make sure nobody acts on the goals of yesterday. To get this right needs a lot of practise.

Here are 3 steps to prioritising tasks that have a lot of implications to help you accomplish the task and meet deadlines.

a ) Create a list to do

b) Arrange First urgent then Important and Then Others

c) Valuable items first

d) Use 80 /20 Pareto Principle

a) Create a list to do

Bring all together that you might consider having done in a day. Don’t think upfront about the order or the number of products.

b) Arrange First urgent then Important and Then Others.

The next move is to see if you have any assignments that need immediate attention. We’re talking about work that would have extreme negative effects if not done by the end of the day or in the next few hours. Check to see if there are any dependencies of high importance that rely on you completing a piece of work now. Focus on essential work then, and finish it.

c) Valuable items first

Often look at your critical job and decide what gives your organisation the highest. You want to know precisely what kinds of activities have top priority over the others as a common practise. It is a confusing job, but doing it on a daily basis will make you fine.

c) Use 80 /20 Pareto Principle

One of the most useful life and time management principles is the 80/20 Pareto Theory.

What is Pareto’s 80/20 Principle?

In every general to-do list, this means that two out of ten items would turn out to be worth more than the other eight items put together.

The sad reality is that most people procrastinate on the least relevant 80 percent, which contributes very little to their performance, on the top 10 or 20 percent of things that are the most desirable and important, and busy themselves instead.

You will soon develop the habit of always beginning and working on low-value tasks during your day working on low-value duties.

To start your day, pick 2 urgent, significant and valuable assignments out of 10 tasks.

Save Time

3. Don’t Waste time and money

Ask yourself, in the last 24 hours, how many hours of productive work have I been doing? If it’s over 12 hours a day, then it’s all right. If it’s 16 to 18 hours a day, so no one in your life can deter you from doing what you want to accomplish.

To achieve rapid success, make a habit of saving money and stop excessive spending.


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