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The Two Most Powerful Words of the Universe” I Am”

We are all a part of God. Since God is the supreme creator, in our lives, we have the authority to create anything we like. But how?

In this World, what are the two most important words? Certainly ” I AM!” Because these 2 words have enormous power in it. Be very mindful of anything you put after these words.

I Am refers to God

I AM refers to GOD, which refers to “OM”. These words have the same meaning ie God and I am are interchangeable.

This is particularly true for those statements which, by using the name “I AM” of God, integrate the highest aspect of our potential. By the appearance of God in the burning bush, the name of God given to Moses was “I AM THAT I AM.”

The words after I am will shape your future

What follows after I AM will determine your life, the two most impactful words in the English language are “I AM.”

What you say after you say “I AM”… What you BELIEVE after “I AM” will form your life and govern your decisions.

Suppose you say, “I am powerful.”
If you think you’re powerful… You will attempt big things and if you believe it you are capable of great things. If you speak integrity and drive to overcome anything into your life, you will be prepared to face and overcome any challenge. Let Power of I AM shape your future in most powerful way.

Believe and Feel

It’s not enough to just say the words. You have to feel them…and believe them. Every day, repeat them. Allow them to sink into your psyche. Allow that POWER to merge with you.

“I want” should be replaced with “I AM.” Say “I AM rich!” instead of “I want to be rich!” Say “I AM rich!.” “I AM wealthy” Say it. Feel it,Feel it and Feel it until you Believe it.

Thoughts are Powerful

Negativity will manifest in your life if you speak negativity into it.
Actions follow thoughts. Habits are formed through actions. Results are the product of habits.
Consider and feel. You will become if you believe!
A man is exactly who he thinks he is.
You will become what you say, believe, and feel.

Your life is controlled by your beliefs, which are formed by your thoughts.

Make a 180-degree turn and speak optimism into your life.

The more you put it into practice, the more likely you are to believe it.

The more you believe it, the more it will become a part of your personality, and you will begin to act like someone who possesses those qualities. Our fate is determined by your thinking.

Do Affirmation Work?

Affirmations are a terrific way to get your day started. Our brains feature a Reticular Activating System, which explains why (also called RAS). The RAS’s goal is to bring items to our attention that we think about the most, and that we consider to be true.
So, if you think about blue and then glance around your room, you’ll notice that colour everywhere. Similarly, telling yourself that your life is fantastic, or that you are healthy, strong, and blessed, can lead to more and more amazing experiences as your life progresses.

Affirmations Alone Aren’t Enough.

Affirmations are taught by some of our time’s best teachers. Teachers of the law of attraction are now teaching INCANTATIONS, which are the next level of affirmations. INCANTATIONS are essentially affirmations with the addition of physical movement. Affirmations by themselves aren’t enough to bring about meaningful change in your life. You can say something inspiring, but unless you physically embody it, you’re merely scratching the surface. INCANTATIONS are extremely potent because of this. Not only are you uttering words of empowerment with INCANTATIONS, but you’re also using your body and voice. You’re altering your physiology and state, which has the potential to alter everything.”


As a result, you must do more than just write the affirmations. You have to say them. Not only must you utter them, but you must also feel them with every fiber of your being.

Think. Feel. You will become if you believe!

List of I AM Affirmations

Here is a list of I am affirmations that I would like to share with you. 

I am powerful.
I am strong.
I am capable.I am strength.
I am energetic.
I am confident.I am authentic.
I am enlightened.
I am thankful.I am open.
I am abundant.
I am blessed.I am grateful.
I am magnificent.
I am wonderful.
I am clear.
I am awake.
I am alive.
I am brave.
I am determined.
I am persistent.
I am wealthy.
I am complete.
I am whole.
I am awesome.
I am rich.
I am valuable.
I am healthy.
I am vibrant.
I am filled with energy.
I am worthy.
I am successful.
I am motivated.
I am dedicated.
I am optimistic.
I am hopeful.
I am attractive.
I am beautiful.
I am truth.
I am wise.
I am kind.
I am considerate.
I am smart.
I am intelligent.
I am innovative.
I am freedom.
I am relaxed.
I am calm.
I am in this moment.
I am in command of my life.
I am fully present.
I am taking action.
I am fearless.
I am taking bold steps.
I am creative.
I am caring.
I am positive.
I am intelligent.
I am creative.
I am aware.
I am humorous.
I am loyal.
I am trusting.
I am compassionate.
I am responsible.
I am caring.
I am a leader.
I am self-assured.
I am prosperous.
I am enjoying.
I am enjoyable.
I am joyful.
I am a great lover.
I am secure.
I am honest.
I am love.
I am joyous.
I am happiness.
I am Bold.
I am confident.
I am an achiever.
I am valuable.
I am rich.
I am a millionaire.
I am expensive.
I am hopeful.
I am confident.
I am a good teacher.
I am an eager student.
I am brilliant.
I am determined.
I am appreciative.
I am respectful.
I am healthy.
I am wealthy.
I am wise.
I am adored.
I am blissful.
I am energized.
I am satisfied.
I am content.
I am receptive.
I am magical.
I am marvelous.
I am magnificent.
I am cheerful.
I am glowing.
I am happy.
I am Jubilant.
I am miraculous.
I am open.
I am playful.
I am precious.
I am proud.
I am divine.
I am dynamic.
I am empowered.
I am eager.
I am excited.
I am enthusiastic.
I am focused.
I am expanded.
I am extraordinary.
I am fabulous.
I am boundless.
I am fulfilled.
I am motivated.
I am driven.
I am abundant.
I am precious.
I am proud.
I am radiant.
I am ready.
I am receptive.
I am renewed.
I am spectacular.
I am unlimited.
I am terrific.
I am warm.
I am welcoming.
I am sensational.
I am worthy.
I am young.
I am zestful.
I am irresistible.
I am precious.
I am receptive.
I am connected.
I am in good relation.
I am happy with who I am.
I am disciplined.
I am focused.
I am living in the present moment.
I am comfortable.
I am calm.
I am the greatest person ever born in this planet.

Watch Video of I AM Affirmations

A man lifting big tyre explaining I am powerful
Powerful “I AM” Affirmations

Download the PDF file


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